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megalo box season 3: releasing date, story, and all the updates you want to know

Megalo Box is a very popular anime series among the fans. After its first season got famous the makers wanted to make a new season and now they revealed everything about it. In English this series is called by the name Megalo box, it is also called Megaro bokusu in Japanese. Keep reading for further information about the series.
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When it is releasing?

The first season of the Megalo box was released on April 6, 2018. These series gather high popularity and a large number of fans. The makers also released three special episodes of the first season. That three special episodes were released in the same year of 2018 between 27 to 29 June. That was an amazing part. After its release, the makers open about the second season and said that its second season is also in a row and fans can watch that soon. Yo Moriyama said “I recognize that there is a great deal of love relating to Megalo box as well as I am really delighted regarding it. I am likewise very happy to say that Megalo box 2 is in development and we definitely wouldn’t want to let down the fans. I am very much expecting it.” Well till this date we don’t know when it is releasing, it’s the second season but hopefully, it would release in October 2020. Pray for that it will release in this year without any wait.
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What will be the story? who are the casts?

This anime series created by Chikara Sakuma. The Amazon prime now streaming this anime series. The TMS entertainment released this series in japan. They made an amazing and full of thrills and chills story. This story related to sports which is boxing. The trailer has been launched and in this trailer, boxing has shown in the first look. This season started where it’s ended. this is showing the power of the body in the trailer already shown a new boxer that is more powerful than a junk dog who is a hero of this series. All the characters are coming back in this series and some will be the new cast. You will see new faces in this series. Junk Dog, Yukiko Shirato, Yuri, Sansaku NanbuWell there is no official statement for the true story that what will happen next. But fans can assume what will be the story of the boxers. Who is more powerful and who win in the last. The story is just a secret.
When makers announced that the second season is also filming and coming to you soon. From then the fans and the viewers waiting for the second season. Still, fans are remembering the first season. They get attached to all the scenes. Now they just have to wait for the few months and they would be able to watch this new season. Till then keep assuming what will be the story. Stay with our page we will update you first for this new season.