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Sonic Hedgehog 2 is now available for you: To know more keep reading this article you will get everything here

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sonic hedgehog 2
Sonic hedgehog 2 is now available on the play store. This game looks quite simple, but when we play this game it is very tough. This game is related to gain score with the cartoon character that is running in the game. Many people are big fans of this game. They love to play and scoring a high score. They give competition to their competitors.
This game was released in  November 1992. It is designed by Hirokazu Yasuhara and the lead composer is Masato Nakamura. They did a great job in this game. Every child and youngsters are interested in playing this game with lots of fun. It is beyond the competition.
Now the sonic team and Sega technical institute give free download. You can download this game for free on the play store. In this game now you can fly. This sonic game has a feature to spin the dash move. In this game, you can score but also you have to collect rings that are beneficial.
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This game is ad-free by purchase. You can save your scores in this game that you can see anytime. Here in the game, you can also the leader board in the game that shows you the highest score of the person. This game is with the best soundtrack and amazing music composition. Many players are interested in this game to play it. They enjoy themselves.  This is best for the players who are again interested to play this game.

This is a Sega super sonic masterpiece. Sonic hedgehog 2 is about to complete with widescreen, 60FPS action. There are twelve Badnik infested zones. You have to play this in the underwater as well as in the sky. This is the best thing which excites you the most. This sonic hedgehog 2 is a classic game with extra powers and new ideas. Dr. Eggam is back with his old tricks.
You can also enjoy this game with some interesting tricks that blow your mind. This game is for fun and enjoyment especially when you are free. So download it in your mobile phones and enjoy with extra spices.