horizon forbidden west is the part 2 of horizon zero dawn: related to this, you will get everything here, keep reading for next information about it

Here is the latest update for the release of 2nd part of the game horizon dawn. Yes, once again it’s makers are going to release a new part of this action game. In 2017 they had released it’s the first part that made the fans crazy. The first part released on PlayStation 4.
horizon zero dawn
horizon forbidden west
When it is releasing?
Horizon dawn part 2 has also changed its name to horizon forbidden west. This name is quite cool. This game is releasing this year but its date has not been finalized. We have to wait for the dates. It will release on PlayStation 4 or maybe on Sony’s console. Well, this pandemic forces us to sit at our home and we don’t know what to do at home. We are getting bored, so this game will become a source of entertainment for us. Stay at home and keep playing this game without getting bored and remember don’t get addicted to it.
horizon zero dawn

What is the story of this game?

This game is an action game where a person fights against the bad creatures. This game revolves around a person named Aloy, who plays the main role in this game everywhere. In this game, Nora Is also a character who’s tribe is in danger and attacked by the eclipse. Aloy saves Nora’s tribe using the latest weapons. Now in the next part, you will see a new fusion of this game.
Forbidden west
forbidden west

In this game, you have to collect items that are necessary while playing the game. This time it would be difficult to collect items. So it is twisted. Many types of weapons you will see in this game. In this game, you also see water where Aloy can swim anytime. There are so many moves that you will find out in this game. Interesting! Yes, so wait for its new part that excites you the most to play.

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