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Destructive derecho blasts Chicago with winds over 70 mph; more than 1 Million lose power in Upper Midwest, Here are the Details –

The winds over 70 mph are capable enough of blowing away big trees, street signs, and power lights. But still, most humans can withstand the winds without getting blown away.

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What are Derecho Blasts?

Derechos are basically shaped like an archer’s bow or a gust line that tends to bow. This shape made the winds more powerful as they can cover a wide range of areas. Derecho in weather system is associated with a band of thunderstorms or speedily moving showers. These winds are as powerful as hurricanes or tornadoes. It consists of microbursts and downbursts cluster. The winds can cause so many destruction over a large area and can badly affect so many lives. It is a large scale weather event, therefore, it can cause damage over a wide range. As per the National Weather Service criteria, Derecho Blasts can last over a span of at least six hours. Derechos are serious and violent storms than Tornadoes as they cause large damage.

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Destructive Derecho Blasts at Chicago with winds over 70 mph causing more than 1 Million Lose Power in Upper Midwest –

Derecho Blasts slammed Chicago on 10th August, Monday afternoon causing damages. More than 1 million suffered and were without power in the evening. The National Weather Service Storm Prediction Center warned eastern Iowa, northern Illinois, extreme northwest Indiana and southern Wisconsin at early Monday afternoon about the violent thunderstorm.

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After the violent storm gathered eastern Nebraska and western Iowa earlier in the day, the Weather Prediction Centre also cautioned that the violent wind ‘gusts to 100 mph’ were possible. The damage was more severe in Iowa as gusts topped 100 mph there. Chicago’s Midway Airport recorded a gust to 73 mph.

The Weather Service tweeted that “much of northern Illinois has pockets of damage with downed trees, debris, and power lines blocking roadways”. The Weather Service office in Chicago warned and advised residents that “This is an extremely dangerous line of storms. Head for safe shelter indoors well away from windows (interior windowless room or basement if you have one)”. The sky gets darkened as the storm hits the city.