HomeEntertainmentDwayne Johnson has joined hands with his ex wife Dany Gracia. Click here and get to know everything regarding the news in detail.

Dwayne Johnson has joined hands with his ex wife Dany Gracia. Click here and get to know everything regarding the news in detail.

Dwayne Johnson and Dany Gracia.

Currently, the news reports have been filled up with the news of a couple who had previously broken up has joined hands again for a business purpose. Dwayne Johnson who was a wrestler previously and presently an actor in Hollywood movies has joined hands with one and only Dany Gracia.

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Dany Gracia had previously married Dwayne Johnson but unfortunately, the marriage was not successful. Both the ex-partners have returned to the field because of some business purpose.  Along with his previous beloved wife, the actor has joined hands with a company named Redbird Capital Partners by investing an amount in order to purchase XFL. 

The purchased thing somewhat costs fifteen million dollars. All these agreements took place prior to the bankrupt football series of matches in America was set to happen. Both of them were previously chosen as the winner of the bidding process for the Alpha Entertainment LLC and acquiring all of its assets mentioned. 

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The purchased thing XFL is a refreshment of the league of the same football in the year 2001. It had registered for bankruptcy protection during the month of April. Soon after one month, the remains of the primary starting season had to be canceled due to the outbreak of this horrifying and deadly virus as it has affected the entire world.

According to the statements of the president and the main officer named Jeffrey Polack, they are immensely satisfied and more than happy concerning today’s result. The way of the ending of sale and business procedure was like a Hollywood one but this is an interestingly new thing for the league. 

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Both the partners, Dwayne and Gracia are a team and such a team like this has been always dreamt of. And as far as XFL is concerned it is in the safest hands. Therefore nothing to worry and get tensed about. 

On Friday the hearing of the transaction will be heard. Vince McMahon’s brainchild, also the 2.0 version of XFL was the second most approach by the wrestling industry’s main executive officer to present the American fans of football league an NFL alternative. 

Dwayne has acted in the movies like Jumanji, fast and furious. By taking to his official Twitter profile, the actor wrote that he is very excited and eagerly waiting to do something with regard to the fans.