When will Fruits basket season 2 starts again? Know more about release date of episode 15, cast and other details.

Contents Fruits basket season 2:What to expect in this season:When will season 2 episode 15 will premiere:Cast:Recap of episode 14: Fruits basket season 2: Fruits basket is a new anime series, produced by TMS entertainment. …

Fruits basket season 2:

Fruits basket is a new anime series, produced by TMS entertainment. The show is directed by Yoshihide and premiered in April 2019. The first season of 2019 with about 25 episodes. And the second season premiered on 7 April 2020.

What to expect in this season:

The anime tells a wonderful story that anyone can associate to, even though it is a fiction. The fruit basket season 2 has started from where season 1 had ended. The story is so volatile that some might alleviate tears at the end of each episode. But the producers make it go all along fascinating moments between Tohru and Kyo.

When will season 2 episode 15 will premiere:

The second season of the fruits basket premiered on April  7, 2020. The show finished 14 episodes in this season. Due to the epidemic, the telecast, and the shoot of the show has been halted. So, the expected date for the release of the 15th episode would be July 13, 2020. Means everyone can watch episodes from 14 July.


The cast of season 2 is mostly the same from season 1. So the cast includes:

  •   Manaka Iwami as Tohru Honda
  • Nobunaga Shimazaki as Yuki Soma
  • Yuma Uchida as Kyo Soma
  • Yuichi Nakamura as Shigure Soma
  • Atsumi Tanezaki as Arisa Kotani
  • Satomi Satou as Saki hanajima
  • Rie kugimiy as Kagura Sohma
  • Makoto Furukawa as Hasuharu Sohma

These are some of the main role personalities as their cast.



Recap of episode 14:

In the previous and final episode, we saw that Yuki is believing inhttps://youtu.be/-4Vd0xqDqJY his past relationship with Kyo. The story begins again and when everyone starts to vacate, Haru says that Machi is the same class as him. Then Yuki goes back to his spot where only servants are there to greet him. He is bothered about his mother as she is out most of the time and drops a letter saying he will call her as soon as possible. So, episode 15 starts from here.