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Coronavirus and your car windows: Get to know how CDC suggests taking precautions.

As we know the coronavirus is declared a pandemic by WHO. The cases are increasing day by day. There are millions of people who are caught by a coronavirus. Every day there are millions of new COVID 19 patients. Coronavirus is not only limited to a few cities or countries, it has spread its impacts in almost every part of the months. It’s been 4 months since the pandemic entered our lives. It has badly affected the lives of people. In the condition, if this pandemic, it is very important to stay safe and keep your loved ones safe from the coronavirus. This safety can only be attained if we are well aware of the things. Yes!! We need to take every safety measures to stop coronavirus from entering our lives. We need to be alert. As now most of the people go out to work and earn their bread, the risk is more. Everybody is using cars to travel in and out of the city. To see what the CDC recommends with respect to cars and its windows.

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What the CDC recommends?

Today everyone is well aware of the basic safety measures. Everyone remembers to take the mask, sanitizer, tissue with them. But still, there are few more things that one needs to keep in mind.

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Here are few points that one need to remember while using cars -:

  • Sanitize your hands before entering the car.
  • After you entered the car again sanitize your hands.
  • When you are with another person in the car, remember to wear a mask and keep the window panes slightly open.
  • Is someone touches any part of your car, use certain disinfectants or sanitizer to clean that part.
  • When you go to the petrol pump, there the staff touches the knob of your car, remember to sanitize it once you leave the petrol pump.
  • Always sanitize your hand after getting out of the car.
  • As you constantly touch the seat belts, music system if your car, don’t forget to sanitize it on regular basis.