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“Harry and Meghan Markle will soon move into obscurity” says feminist Germaine Greer.

British royal family expert says that the name of prince harry and Meghan Markle in the headlines won’t last forever. One royal observer and expert say that this dutch and dutchesses of Sussex says that the royal couple can soon fade into celebrity obscurity, not only because they quit from the royal family but also the chaos that followed them.


following the discussions from Buckingham palace, on March 31st, prince harry and Meghan Markle have announced that they formally exit from British royal fronts, out from royal duties.

The royal couple will no longer have an office in Buckingham Palace in London as they stop doing formal duties for queen Elizabeth 2.

prince harry is retained with his military ranks of major,  Lieutenant Commander, and Squadron Leader and is not allowed to use or perform duties associated with these roles.

Later the couple is expected to settle down in London and spend some time in the UK.


Graham sith says that the things with Harry and Meghan will soon fade away. Recently, fans have gotten a sneak peek about the new book about Finding Freedom: Harry, Meghan, and the Making of a Modern Royal Family.

This is because the books show Meghan and harry as villains in their ongoing feud with the Sussex. It portrays kate Middleton aka Meghan Markle, as someone who didn’t get her way in Buckingham Palace, and she is the main reason why the Sussex pulled off their way out of the castle.

Now, as the couple is living in la, she(Germaine Greer) made remarks that the couple will soon fade into obscurity and no one will be interested in them.

Appearing on 60 minutes Australia, the feminist author said the couple miscalculated how important their roles as senior royal members. And most importantly, they are not as influential as they were back in the royal family.

“I think they may have miscalculated, and I think they may slide into complete obscurity,” Greer said. “If you look at the vast panoply of royal relatives, many of them are completely obscure.”

she criticized heavily both the couple and said

“How could they come back and say: ‘We made a big mistake and Canada’s horrible.'”

“I think they’re more likely to fade into the kind of obscurity that affects the junior members of the royal family already,” she concluded.

Take a look at the author’s statements in the video.