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What is John Elway planning for Denver Broncos? How can you get your tickets? Read ahead to know more.

With the pandemic growing in many states and countries, the NFL is trying their best to achieved what they planned for. They are trying very hard so, that the game can be on time that it was planned. And because of that Denver Broncos have announced their new ticket policy and they are very different for this year.

What about the Ticket Holders? Can you get your Ticket now?

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They recently said in an interview that their top priority is the safety of their fans and players.  As they are moving forward and preparing for the game they are keeping everything in mind and are working with caution. Their decisions will be based on what the public health experts have to say about the rules and regulations of the game. The updates will soon be shared with the audience.


According to our sources, the seating in the stadium will be very less because everyone will follow social distancing. Those who have already purchased the tickets will be given first priority. They are also giving refunds for the pre-booked tickets. And giving the ticketholders an option to transfer the tickets for the 2021 game. The deadline to decide is till August 14.

The Broncos are providing the audience with variety of options for the 2020 game. We can say that it will be very difficult for people who haven’t booked the tickets earlier to attend the game. Because the first priority will be given to the ticket holders and it is very rare that someone will miss the game.