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Shocking Comments By Gohmert’s Daughter Where She Posted About Her Father On Social Media!!!!

A very warm welcome to our page:)))During this pandemic situation, many people are taking precautions and listening to experts where some are not even listening and effected with coronavirus where latest Louis Gohmert tested positive because of lack in precautions measure. Louis Gohmert is in ten-day quarantine and mostly wearing the mask and finally listening to medical experts where he previously denied them. A happy life is all we need where we have to bear with COVID-19 right now, so taking an extra measure for our sake is better for ourselves.


Louis Gohmert has a trip along with Donald trump where before the trip, he tested positive and home quarantined for ten days as of now. Donald trump also not wore masks in any interview as Gohmert also followed him and politicized the expert advice where now he is blamed for it by his daughter Caroline brooks.

Gohmert is an American attorney and former judge currently serving as u.s representative, and his net worth about $12500 where he invests in assets mostly. His wife’s name is Kathy Gohmert, and He is also having three daughters named Sarah Gohmert, Katy Gohmert, caroline Gohmert, the third daughter posted sensational comments on him on Sunday via social media.

He Politicized Medica Experts Advice:

Caroline brooks are having a damn good career in music in Los Angeles, where she posted about her father’s behavior and health. Taking to social media platforms Instagram and twitter caroline posted about her father as ” you (Louis Gohmert) took COVID-19 as silly as you denied the experts advise like our president where he can’t think about the people. Now you are tested positive and listening to medical experts and following the advice of them. I want you to be live a long life with sound health,” where it sounded full of love and affection.

I’m concluding my article by saying that stay safe and stay healthy where we cannot get another life like this where others are still fighting for it.

enjoy lyf is my only moto and goal in lyf not ot rush and hurry bfor it,enjoy the moment, moments r precious in lyf