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Know more details about Mission: Impossible 7 as Tom Cruise gives an update on the filming

It would appear that nothing can stop our Hollywood hunk; not so much as a lock-down. Sources state that Tom Cruise is bringing the Mission: Impossible group back to Norway for the shooting of Mission: Impossible 7.

mission impossible 7 release date,cast and plot
Mission Impossible 7 updates including cast, plot, release date and trailer (P.C: The TeCake)

The cruise was in conversation with Norway’s culture minister Abid Raja where they talked about shooting in the country this fall. Raja tweeted that he is “hoping to get Tom Cruise and Mission Impossible back into Norway” and also released a short video of his conversation with the actor. The clip features Cruise describing Norway to be a gorgeous place and how he can’t wait to get back there. He also mentioned that along with him, the entire crew was very excited about going back.

The fans still think today about Norway providing the setting for one of Mission: Impossible – Fallout‘s most significant scenes. It was the one in which Cruise scaled a sheer cliff face. Raja expressed that the latest ‘mission’ was aiming to shoot in north-western Norway. This part of the country is known for its amazing fjords, mountains, waterfalls, and rocky coastline.

What do we know so far about the film and its production (P.C: CinemaBlend)

Be that as it may, the coronavirus must first mull over.

Norway has had 9,049 instances of the virus affirmed up until now, with 255 deaths. “With the crown infection, it implies that right now it is beyond the realm of imagination to expect anyone coming to Norway similarly as in the past. We should talk about this in the legislature and make guidelines for it before allowing to film in Norway. We will maintain the expected standards and limitations. I will take my discussion with Cruise to the government,” said the minister.

The filming for Mission: Impossible 7 was scheduled to take place in Venice, Italy but had to be stalled due to the pandemic. Norway currently has a 10-day quarantine period. However, Tom Cruise and the crew were in the UK during recent weeks for production restart. So this may not be a worrying issue.

The current release date is November 19, 2021; further news awaits.