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Is the rumour about Millie Bobby Brown and James Charles being ‘frenemies’ true? Read the whole article to know why are fans convinced for the same.

Twitter is the most gossip able app of all time and often comes up with new spicy news. Recently, There was this rumor about Millie Bobby Brown and James Charles. Fans seem to be convinced about their feud over a video collaboration. Here is the story of what actually happened.

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Who is Millie Bobby Brown and James Charles?

There is no question about the popularity of Millie Bobbie Brown. She became Insanely popular after her Netflix series, “Stranger Things.” She also one of the youngest actors of 16 years to be a part of UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. On the other hand, James is equally popular and is mostly known as a beauty YouTuber and makeup artist. His net worth is $12 million and has almost 20 million subscribers on his youtube channel.

What is this rumor all about?

Millie Bobby Brown’s live stream a month ago clarified that she might have a couple of blended sentiments toward the James Charles. On July 11, the Millie took to her Instagram Stories to answer a portion of her fans’ inquiries, which Charles chose to watch and approach her for a collab.

During the live stream, the YouTuber asked Brown, “Millie, how about we film a cosmetics video and talk about season 3 hehe.”

When the remark showed up on the screen, the Millie Bobby Brown grimaced that caused fans to accept that she was not an aficionado of that thought.

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Before the video was discharged, Charles slid into Brown’s DM’s and requested for a cosmetics suggestion, to which she really answered.

Despite this fact, few fans are as yet persuaded that Millie Bobby Brown and James Charles are, truth be told, frenemies, others are sure that there is only respect between these celebrities.

Neither Brown nor Charles presently can’t seem to remark on this theory, yet we’ll simply expect that these two are a long way from being considered Frenemies.