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Know the reason, Why Tom Cruise is not allowed to have any relationship with his daughter Suri.

Tom Cruise is a Hollywood icon, with dozens of hit movies to his credit. Cruise’s personal life has been less flat with several divorces and constant rumors of controlling behavior. His marriage with Holmes Katie has hay for the tabloids. It seemed that the two were in love truly. But their relationship doesn’t last forever. Ever since then, it is unclear how often Cruise meets his daughter.


Tom Cruise’s and Holmes marriage details:

When Holmes was in a small town, she used to dream always about her crush, i.e., Tom Cruise. She had also given interviews during Tv shows how she used to dream about marrying Cruise. And we know that some dreams come true. After meeting Cruise immediately 2005, news started arising that the two had smitten with each other. Besides this, Tom had recently divorced his wife, and he found a perfect girlfriend for him. The couple got engaged after their first meeting, and they had their daughter Suri in 2006.

However, their relationship didn’t last for more years. And they announced their divorce in 2012. Neither of them didn’t give a reason for the split. To this day, neither of them talked about divorce. Holmes had moved on with her life and happy with actor Jamie Foxx.

Relationship between Tom Cruise and his daughter:

Holmes was busy raising her daughter Suri, and the two were very close. It seems that Suri had nothing to do with her father. According to some sources, it is the religion that divided Cruise and Suri. Reports also stated that Suri was not raised as a Scientologist. So Cruise is not allowed by the laws of the organization to see her or to speak with her. The last time that Cruise had visited Suri was in 2013. But as the story states, church members are allowed to see their non-Scientology children. So it is possible that Cruise would be visiting Suri privately.