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World War Z season 2:- Cancelled or Delayed?? Read all the updates of movie here!!

World War Z, an American Zombie genre movie. This movie is truly based on the novel which has the same name and is written by Max Brooks in 2006. The movie was released in Empire Cinema on 2 June 2013. And after that, it premiered in the whole US on 21 June 2013.

World War Z 2:- release date

As far as the movie was released in 2013, everyone was talking about an expected sequel of the movie. This movie receives too many positive reactions from its viewers and became a hit movie. The big hit of the movie surprises its producers.

Even after a big hit, there was a tentative 2017 was out which announces the idea for the sequel of the movie. But that did not happen. After this, there was a lot of delay for the sequel. The main character of the film Brad Pitt had to be in the sequel but he is busy in some works.

Also the director of the movie, David Fincher has some other kinds of stuff. The sequel of the movie was going to release in March 2020. But due to coronavirus pandemic, it again halted. It is impossible that the idea of the sequel will be dropped. Maybe it happens if tried.

What will be the plot of the movie?

This movie is a thriller fiction which attracts its audience. But at now, there is not any news and information has been announced regarding the plot of the sequel.


World War Z 2:- Casts

As here is not an announcement about the plot of the movie releases. Same for the casts and trailer too. But we can expect that there will be the same characters in the sequel:-


  • Brad Pitt will play the role of main character¬† Gerry Lane.
  • Mirreille Enos will play the role of Karin Lane.
  • Daniella Kertesz will be as Segen.
  • James Badge will be as Captain Spoke.
  • Fans Mokoena will be as Thierry Umutoni.