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The Last of us is coming out with a Third part? If yes, then when? Come find all that we know!

Developed by Naughty Dog, The Last of us is a game revolving around spectacular action and adventures. This game played from a thief person perspective shows the story of Joel who is a smuggler. 

The second part of The Last of us made the fans go crazy as the game broke the sales records by selling over 4 million copies in just a week. Although the second part had just  released on 19th June, 2020 so by when can we expect a sequel? 

Lets not get too excited as the release date of the 3rd part for the Last of us is yet to be announced. The director of the game, Neil Druckmann said that the storyline for the third part will have an emotional value and will be a whole new experience. Although, with their statements, it is certain that the team has not yet come up with any confirmed storyline for the upcoming sequel. 

We are expecting a sequel because when the first part had released, Neil had confirmed that a sequel was necessary to do justice to the story. Hence, maybe part three will come out to continue the story of the 2nd game. Gamers have loved the 1st part which was released years back in 2013. The millions of sold copies were proof that the second game too was a big hit. This has become the reason why gamers can not wait for the third part to come out.

Uptill this date, both the parts have been based to a good extent on love. In the third sequel, we certainly expect the game to revolve on a love story as well. This game might focus more on Yara and Lev. But, we can’t say anything for sure as no official news or trailer has been out yet. All we can do now is wait for some positive news regarding the release to drop!