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Indian goverment banned 47 chinese apps: more chinese are on radar of indian government for ban, pubg will also ban soon

The Indian government banned 47 more apps from China and now 275 more are also on the radar of the Indian government. Due to the war of India and China on Kali Ghati. Our 20 armed forces are Our 20 armed forces are martyred. on behalf of this Indian government decided to ban Chinese apps because it transfers India’s information to China.

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Do you know which apps are on the radar?
Well, the technology minister didn’t say much about the apps but he said that more and more Chinese apps are banning. 275 apps are on the radar including pubg, Resso, and more. Everybody knows that pubg is quite popular than other apps. Everyone plays pubg. But now it would be ban this app in India. Pubg is one of the most important apps for China because it uses more internet. It uses 1.5 GB while downloading. Resso is also one of the most important apps but some people use this.

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What were the 59 Chinese apps?
Firstly the Indian government banned 59 apps in which TikTok was on the top of the list. Tiktok was a famous app among Indians. Celebrity was also using TikTok during their free time. People were already demanding the ban if TikTok because it was ruining many people’s carrier. Tiktok is a platform where people make videos of 15 seconds. Before the time of the ban, there was a debate going on the topic of YouTube v/s TikTok. And after some time it was broadcasted on television news for demanding the ban of TikTok because a TikTok was made to promote acid attack. After that video, everyone was demanding the ban of TikTok. Now, TikTok had been banned. Camscanner, share it, helo, beauty plus was also on the list and these apps are not available for Indians.

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47 apps were also banned by the Indian government. Now India is on a mission. The home ministry is planning to ban more apps in which pubg can be on the list. In a few months or days, you will get updated by this. Till then keep your eyes on our page, we will update you first about these apps.