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BAYONETTA 3 : When will the Witch return? Release date, gameplay and more!!!

Bayonetta is a Japanese hack and slash action videogame series. It was first released for Sony Playstation 3 and Microsoft’s Xbox 360 back in 2009. The second instalment of the game was released in September 2014 along with the Wii U version of the game. In April 2017, the game was released for windows and later in February 2018, the Nintendo Switch version of the games were released. The third instalment of the game is in the makings and was teased in The Game Awards event held in December in December 2017.

The game was highly acclaimed for it’s mesmerising graphics and the fight scenes set in the European style infrastructure. The game was also awarded the Game of the Year Award in 2010 by IGN UK. Bayonetta has sold over a million units worldwide by 2010. An anime film by the same name was also released in Japan in 2013 based on the game.


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Bayonetta is a single player 3D action game with a third person gameplay. In the game, players control the character named Bayonetta. She is a witch who can control many short and long ranged weapons. She was revived twenty years ago from the bottom of a lake. Bayonetta has lost most of her memories. She remembers that she has the left eye of the world and wanders around in the quest of the right eye. She leaves for Vigrid when an informer tells her that the other eye is there. Both the eyes oversee the just passage of time.


Later, we are told that there were two factions, representing light and darkness who preserving the balance. She belonged to darkness but now, all of them have disappeared. She embarks on a journey to fight other enemies in order to get to the other eye of the world. Balder is the main antagonist of the game.


Users can change their form into various animals and characters to enhance their abilities. The game has five difficult modes and a fixed button configuration. Users can find various items during the game and use them to fight. Lollipops help in healing.


The game was first teased during The Game Awards function in December 2017.

Apart from that, no fixed date for the release of the third instalment has been confirmed. The game is supposed to be initially released for the Nintendo’s Switch platform.

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