HomeEntertainmentAre you ready to go to the Matrix universe once again? When is Matrix 4 coming? Get all the updates here.

Are you ready to go to the Matrix universe once again? When is Matrix 4 coming? Get all the updates here.

Matrix 4 is among one of the most waited movies by the audience that is going to release next year. Its release updates have been all over the news when it was announced in August 2019. The iconic duo of Keanu Reeves and Anne Moss is absolutely loved by everyone and we are waiting to see the dua back on screen. We will again see Keanu Reeves with Anne Moss together.

When is Matrix 4 releasing? What is the plot of the movie? Has the shooting begun?

Know everything that you can expect from the movie is. Get your facts and information here.

We received surprising information in December that both the movie of Reeves will b releasing on the same day. that means John Wick and Matrix 4 was going to release on the same day that is somewhere in May. 2021. But because we are literally in the middle of a global pandemic. The release of Matrix 4 has been postponed and it may come in the year 2022.

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To be honest with you, we have no clue about the plot of The Matrix because the director is very strict with not revealing any secrets about the movie and keeping that suspense alive. Also, the movie itself is not predictable at all. Lana Wachowski may have also told the members to involve in the movie to not say anything about it because nothing has cane out yet.
But what we know is the shooting for Matrix 4 has officially begun. Few of the fans caught Keanu Reeves in Neo avatar on the streets of San Francisco. Neo with his casual green jacket, jeans, and beanie hat. Fans also made an assumption that because Keanu was dressed as Neo so maybe he will back in the Matrix Universe.

In the movie, we will obviously see Keanu Reeves with  Carrie-Anne Moss. And the recent news came that we will also , Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra Jonas. We will also see Jada Pinkett Smith, Monica Bellucci, Neil Patrick Harris, Jessica Henwick, Yahya Abdul Mateen ||. So, let’s wait for the Matrix universe to surprise us again.