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The Game Comes to The Big Screens! Minecraft The Movie is official – Here’s Everything You Need to Know About it

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Viewers are excited to hear the news on the development of the game Minecraft into a movie. The news has been officially uploaded on their website. However, it might not be the same experience for everyone we believe. Some have already started the countdown till the official release date of the movie that stands on 4th March 2022. It is the first time viewers will get to see the high-resolution block world on the big screen! The Xbox game has amazed fans with its vast variety of gameplay. But it will be a new experience for Minecraft lovers.

The talks on the development of the movie have been going on since 2014. It is an upcoming live-action Swedish-American movie and will hold the premise of the game. The writer of the movie is Allison Schroeder while the director is Peter Sollett. They’ve partnered with Warner Bros. Pictures. This is where we get to know that the movie is going to be another feather in the hat of the game makers. However, Minecraft the movie was initially supposed to release in the year 2019 by the same production house. But it was shifted to a new date, after which the March date is in for the final release.

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Story of Minecraft

The plot of the movie will revolve around the teenage girl and her unlikely group of friends. This group will set forward to save their beautiful, block made Overworld after it is threatened by the unwanted beast of the land. The malevolent Ender Dragon is setting out on the path of destructing the Overworld. Since it is a highly complex process to create an entire movie Digitally, hence the date seems so far. The game is highly acclaimed and so are we expecting the movie to be!

Review and Trailer

The complex crafting system, graphics, and emergent gameplay make Minecraft the most chosen for a video game. The game is available on Play Station 4 and has received 4.5/5 stars for its excellent performance. The coming update and teaser of the movie can be watched on YouTube. Keep your snacks ready in a year and a half (we can’t wait!)

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