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The 100 season 8 is not actually happening!! Jason Rothenberg already confirmed that the seventh season is the finale only! Click to know more.

The 100 season 8:

Based on Kass Morgan’s light novel and also evolved by Jason Rothenberg “100” is recently within the air where the fans are talking about the arrival of the seventh season. This drama is predicated on a genre of action and sci-fi. Till now there are a complete of seven seasons which incorporates 93 episodes in it.

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The seventh season was officially revealed as being the final chapter of the action series. CW has already confirmed the news regarding it. During an interview with TVLine, the developer Rothenberg said that they are now planning for an official wrap up of the show soon.

They want to leave the set up while making fans waiting for the arrival of the eighth season. They don’t want to outstay. While speaking he was heard asking whether the channel would allow them to plan for season eight. He thinks they would have not denied them as the network was humble enough to allow them to work for 16 episodes just to mark 100 episodes on the list. 

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Jason Rothenberg further goes on saying that they have been showing the story for a very long time. While another interview with Entertainment Weekly the maker of the show was seen discussing some points about the final chapter leading fans all excited. 

The previous season of this sci-fi series got its first release during the month of May in the present year. Earlier Rothenberg had revealed that the crux of the season will be more into moral. The show managed to keep entertaining us with its interesting outline and summary. 

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Fans keep waiting and wondering if someday maybe the makers will announce the arrival of the eighth season but unfortunately, the end of the show has been finalized by the showrunners since the last release of the seventh season. 

The entitle of the primary episode of the seventh season was set as Anaconda. Earlier the maker during an interview had said that they want to express a whole new thing in this arrival of the series. Also, he was heard saying that the story ends with a moral in it so the moral is yet to get its release and it will be shown in the seventh season.