HomeAnimeIs No Game No Life Second Season really happening? Click to get more such updates regarding the release date.

Is No Game No Life Second Season really happening? Click to get more such updates regarding the release date.

No Game No Life Season 2:

Yū Kamiya’s written “No Game No Life” is largely and originally a light-weight novel with isekai and fantasy genre in it. Media Factory is that the publisher of this Japanese series and Yen Press is that the first English publisher of this particular series. During the year 2015 within the month of July, the series had got its first release. 

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Fans are looking forward to the discharge of the second season since the primary season of this series ended on an exclamatory note. The crux of the series starts with two siblings namely Sora and Shiro, they have somehow managed to achieve the popularity of undefeated gamers during a gaming portal called a blank.

Suddenly one fine day the character Tet who plays the role of a God provoked these two siblings for a battle of chess. After winning they both get a proposal which they accept as true with zero thought and further get themselves surprisingly within the dashboard, which is another reality or world. 

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Fans are wondering about the second season because without that the battle of the siblings cannot be witnessed. One could easily satisfy his want of knowing well about the series just by surfing the sunshine novel. The only real issue is people enjoy mostly by watching the anime but unfortunately, we’ve not received any official confirmation yet regarding the premier. 

If a series encompasses an enormous base of fan following then the manufacturers are absolute to make a sequel obviously, this can be often how a sequel is formed based entirely upon the demand elasticity of the show. After digging plenty into this matter we’ve come up with some interesting points that will help the fans in speculating about the discharge. 

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Presently, a whole of ten listed volumes of this Japanese light novel and on the alternative side, it’s two versions of manga series. there’s still a high demand for this light novel and thus the remake of its volume was launched back within the year of 2018 by the author himself.

The anime became an unprecedented hit since the discharge of the first season because of which the profits were doubled but not the utmost amount because it absolutely was expected. But the statistics show that nearly 30% of 2014 google trends for the series have reduced to a lower level. The series has still managed to remain because the popular one but the speed of releasing the volumes has reduced within these years. 


Therefore fans must build more strength to anticipate until the manufacturers reveal something officially. Till then nothing is assumed about its renewal.