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Chris Hemsworth in the sequel for Extraction soon! Read to find out more about the details…

Well, it turns out that Extraction was the most-watched action thriller movie on Netflix. And, all the audience went crazy over Chris Hemsworth in the movie.
Extraction was a deadly combination of perfect action, script, and performance. And thoroughly going by the storyline, Fans demanded more of Chris on the stage. Hence there is good news for the followers that the sequel is coming out soon on NETFLIX.

Source- screengeek.net

Extraction is the 2020 action and thriller film. The story is written by Joe Russo and the movie has been directed by Sam Hargrave.The story right away scrolls down the sneaking out of Ovi Mahajan, who is a boy of an Indian drug lord. To rescue Ovi from another drug dealer, Tyler Rake comes into the picture and the story moves on with a thrilling plan of rescuing the child.
Those who have not watched the first part of Extraction should binge Netflix right now.


It was just a couple weeks after EXTRACTION when its sequel was announced. It was told that with the same scriptwriter Joe Russo, the story will return again. Well, it is not actually confirmed that whether the story goes into past or future, a lot of drama, action, and thrill is promised. Did sequel confirm just after a few days? Exciting isn’t it?

Second part: Where does the story lead?

A big question mark was set up by the producer about the survival of Tyler and hence inviting a lot of curiosity. Tyler was shot in the neck and hence he fall off the bridge. Eight months later , Ovi was seen jumping into a swimming pool. Someone was seeing Ovi in the act and is the unknown person Tyler?
To get the answer, wait for Joe to end the suspense.

Extraction 2 Release Date

Well, neither the cast nor the release date is still confirmed. But, pretty sure it will take a considerable time for the director as well as the producer to match the expectations of the audience.

What we can do is surf the net and watch Chris Hemsworth (the story too).