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“Cells At work!” to Premiere Another Season : The Japanese Series is Making a Comeback – Here’s All You Need to Know About the Latest News!

Cells at Work
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The very famous Japanese anime “Cells at Work” is coming back with another season. The makers have announced that the date of release will be in January 2021. However, the expected date of release was July 2020. Due to the virus conditions, the release date will have to shift. This gives the production and makers more time to release Season 2 much to the people’s expectations. Since the show was released it was an instant hit.

The license for releasing the show in North America is with Kodashana productions.¬† Akane Shimizu is the illustrator and writer of the show. “Cells at Work” revolves around various cells in the human body. However, the interesting part is that these cells show human-like behavior inside a body. The main characters include a red blood cell and a white blood cell. Season 1 shows how these cells help the body to function normally. When, any component that is not welcome, enters the body, they fight and remove it together.¬†Hataraku Saibo is the name of the show in Japanese. In 2018, David Production run the show for the first time.


Cells at Work
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Cells at Work: Details

The story revolves around AE3803, the red blood cell, and U-1146, the white blood cell. While red blood cell is often clumsy and gets lost, white blood cell is resilient and fights many fierce wars. AE3803 delivers oxygen and other nutrients. She often loses her way but performs her duties with determination. U-1146 has a ruthless job of fighting any unwanted bacteria. But he soft-spoken and gentle. The season 2 of the show will also telecast episodes where good cells together fight germs and maintain the body.

Reviews and Ratings

With the viewers, however, Season 1 of the show was an instant hit. The same expectations arise for season 2 also. What is to see id if this season will also the same attention from audiences. The rating for the show on IMDb is 7.6/10. While the rating on CrunchyRolls is 4.8/5. The series has a high viewer appeal as it is the first of its type. The sequel is a highly trending buzz!

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