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NO GAME NO LIFE SEASON 2: Confirmed Again? Release date REVEALED!! Cast, Plot, New Character.

One of the most loved cartoons not only by the children but also by the adults is sure “NO GAME NO LIFE”. Yu Kamiya writes a light Japanese novel that was further adapted into an anime “NO GAME NO LIFE” by Madhouse studios.

MF Bunko J is the publisher of the novel, who currently published 10 volumes of this series. Later in 2013, the author and his wife adopted the novel series into manga.


The popular anime No Game, No Life is coming back for a second season. The first season aired in 2014 and the second season will be airing maybe this year. The show’s story revolves around two siblings who are both gifted with supernatural intelligence – Sora and Shiro; they have grown up as NEETs (Not in Education, Employment or Training) due to living in isolation from society by their over-protective older sister, however, one day they are summoned to an alternate world called Disboard where all forms of entertainment come alive.
In the first episode of Season 2, there is no dialogue between any characters, but it does not take away from how compelling the scene can be because of everything that needs to be conveyed.

Update on the anime’s story and characters

No Game No Life Season 2 is the continuation of the popular anime series that aired in 2014. The story follows Sora and Shiro, two hikikomori (people who have withdrawn from society) gamer siblings as they are summoned to a world where all forms of entertainment come to life. They can’t refuse because if they do, both worlds will be destroyed!
The first season was really entertaining with many twists and turns that left us on edge. We’re excited for what’s coming up but before we get there let’s take a look at some of the best characters in this show.

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What to expect from the second season of the show

No Game No Life Season 2 is coming to Netflix on maybe in 2021 or 22! This anime series has a great story and fantastic artwork. There are many interesting characters that will keep you entertained for hours. The show follows Sora and Shiro who have been playing games all their lives in an alternate world with no other humans. They return home after winning the game of chess against Tet to find out they’ve been summoned by the god of another world to help them defeat a group of invading races known as the Izuna alliance.

Why you should watch this anime series

No Game No Life Season 2 is the highly anticipated sequel to the original series of light novels and anime that fans have been waiting for! This time, Sora and Shiro are taking on a new set of opponents with all-new rules. The stakes are even higher than before–the losing side will be exiled from Disboard!
Fans eagerly await what kind of adventures this season will bring to their favorite characters. What challenges will our heroes face? Who can they expect to meet in this new world? How much more intense can the battles become?

The best way to watch it Online?

The series is available to stream on Netflix, Hulu (with a premium subscription), Crunchyroll, and a few other places.


What Is The Plot Of No Game No Life Season 2?

The story follows a pair of undefeated gamer siblings under the identity ‘Blank’. Tet, the God of games challenges Sora and his little sister Shiro, who then arrive in Disboard. It is a world where games solve all matters, even the national borders. There is no cheating, stealing, and violence in Disboard. Provoked by Tet, to maintain their esteem as undefeated players, they plan to rule over the sixteen species and replace the God of games. Season 2 might continue with the new adventures following the first season.


No Game No Life season 2-When Is The Release Date?

The first season of the anime is in demand. It airs on AT-X Network, on 9 April 2014 consisting of twelve episodes. Atsuko Ishizuka is the director of the anime series. Currently, this anime is very popular on Netflix which leads to high demand for season 2.

After three years of the first season, an anime film named “NO GAME NO LIFE ZERO” was premiered on July 15, 2017, based on the sixth volume of the novel. Specifically, after six years of the first season, there is no official statement of season 2 being released. But after the movie, it can also be concluded that there is hope to see a new season as the production seems interested in the comeback.

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NO GAME NO LIFE SEASON 2 Coming in 2021?

NO GAME NO LIFE SEASON 2 release date is just around the corner and fans of this popular show are excited to see what happens next. The first season was full of action, comedy, and suspenseful moments that expanded on the story’s world. Now it’s time for Season 2 to answer all those questions you had while watching the first season.”

What Are The Chances Of Renewal?

Although, season 2 is not confirmed fans are curious whether or not the new season will come. As of the situation now due to pandemic most of the TV shows are on a halt. But we can still hope to see a new season in late 2021 or early 2022.

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