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How to train your dragon 4: UNEXPECTED news!! COMING? | About the film series | What to expect | Release date | Plot | Trailer

If you are an admirer of animated films, then you must know that ‘How to train your dragon’ is the best-animated film series and if not, it is definitely one of the most popular animated series and many of its fans are eagerly waiting for How to train your dragon 4. This series was premiered in the year 2010 and every series worked so well on the TV screens without any doubt. This is another franchise other than Toy Story 3 which has received huge admiration all over the world.

But DreamWorks works exceptionally well as it is a perfect blend of visual scenarios and emotions which people could easily be gripped on. The franchise is an absolute dazzler and of course, one of the legends had worked for the visuals of the series. Every scene of the film has an emotional depth to make people head over heels for the film series.

All three series of the film were critically appreciated and Rotten Tomatoes gave this film 99% of the approval rate while the last series got 91% of the approval rate by itself. The series got an immense response from the box office, it became one of the best films of DreamWorks to date.

The very first installment of the entire series had an amazing end to the epic. This trilogy was directed by Dean DeBlois who later on decided to extend this franchise more. There might be various other stories to explore and a lot more stuff to discover in the next part of the series. And there is always a huge gap between any two consecutive parts of the movie, the animation world has always been so unpredictable.

How to train your dragon 4

Though the director of the series has cleared the fact that ‘The Hidden World’ is the last part of the film surrounding Hiccups and Toothless but still there is a hope for a spin-off somewhere in the future. But those of you are completely new ones here, there is a lot to know about this series so stay tuned till the very end.

How to train your dragon 4 – What to expect?

The entire story shown in the series is just so incredible where we have seen all the characters growing up and this is the most emotional part of the film, it was emotionally connected to us from the very beginning of the story. Their life journey starts with teenagers’ gang including Hiccup and Astrid and it leads the way when they grow up and become stronger and passionate people and ultimately starts their own families. And this is how the story concludes in the final chapter.

Toothless and Hiccup offer a warm and emotional farewell to each other as they ultimately knew that humans and dragons can not live together in the same world after fighting a lot in their lives. The film series then, later on, features a postlude dated ten years later where we see that Hiccup and Astrid have their own two kids whereas Light Fury and Night Fury gave birth to three dragon fledglings named Night Lights.

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The last moment was so special and emotional for everyone when they did a reunion for the very first and last time. The story beautifully depicted that why the dragons can not exist in the world of humans really well. Hiccup oathed all the dragons that they will be life hidden until humankind is prepared to live with the dragons peacefully.

In Dec 2019, a holiday special named ‘How to train your dragon: Homecoming‘ was released for about 22 minutes and it was set by the production members ten years after. They even chose the narrative after ‘The Hidden World’ postlude. If there will be How to train your dragon 4  it will be continued from the point they left the series which might focus on the narratives on the kids.

How to train your dragon 4

Though the ending of the film series was quite satisfying and complete in its own way, the chances of making the fourth part are low and it is even insensible but this definitely does not mean that there is any security of not making its next part. The chances increase for the making of the show as there are a lot of great stories which can be explored in the journey.

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Also, there is a scope for more stories as this film series is an adaptation of the book named How to train your dragon which was written by Cressida Cowell and it has 12 series so that means the makers still have a lot of matter to work on.

How to train your dragon 4 – Release date

It is almost impossible that we will get How to train your dragon 4 of the series but it is also a fact that this series has got immense response from the people around the world and there makes a way to create chances for the making of How to train your dragon 4 somewhere shortly. Though this franchise has a TV spin-off name DreamWorks Dragons that was also ended in the year 2018.

How to train your dragon 4

Currently, there is a web series which you might find on Netflix and this is pre-school oriented named Dragons: Rescue Riders. So, there are chances for this franchise to have a long way to go on further. But these are all conjectures and no official announcements have been done from the production house yet, so let’s wait and watch!

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How to train your dragon 4: UNEXPECTED news!! COMING? | About the film series | What to expect | Release date | Plot | Trailer
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