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Check out how this artist recreates realistic Disney princesses.

Disney princesses are undeniably beautiful, but their good looks are a little outside the world and sets with an imaginary world. Did you ever wonder what if they were part of the outside world like normal humans and what do they look like?

the thought changed the holistic artist Holly Fae, popularly known as @hollyfae_art

in TikTok recently went viral for posting the pictures of Disney princesses with more realistic faces.

The artist spoke to BuzzFeed. And said inspiration of this idea struck when she is trying to make a meme of princess Elsa.

‘I just realized, ‘Wow, her eyes are SO BIG!’ And I wondered, ‘What would she look like with more realistic proportions?’ I started editing and recording the process, and I posted it just for fun. Before I knew it, the video had thousands of views, then a million, and it kept going! People started asking if I could do the same with other princesses, and it turned into a fun project for me!’

with more than 25 million followers on her ELSA video, its pretty sure fans are loving her artwork.

for her princess transformations she alters the proportions of their animated features which gives realistic drawings finally giving a subtle and iconic image. Asking about her future projects the artist said after finishing all Disney princesses shell start recreating ‘how to train your dragon’ movie characters. She thanked all her fans for their support and said it really touches her heart with all those messages and inspires her for better work.

Holly said. “I think that inspiring others is one of the greatest things we can get out of life.”

For more artwork check her Instagram page @hollyfae_art, follow her on TikTok @hollyfae_art, and check out her youtube channel Holly Fae.