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GTA part 6 release date , it’s controversies and everything you need to know..

All about game & release of part 6.

Although I am not a ‘ gaming freak ‘, I have never been one. But even then GTA ( Grand theft auto ) is something that I have played and I thoroughly enjoyed playing it. Taking you back in your childhood, remember how everyone around us was just obsessed with GTA ( nostalgia hitting hard right? ). GTA was created by David Jonnes and Mike Dailley ( we are so thankful to them for doing so ), it was first released on 21, October 1997 and was developed by Tarantula Studios. It’s makers have received various awards for it including the British Academy Games Award for Multiplayers. GTA as a brand has got a lot of series of games to its name. It’s the latest version GTA5 was released in 2013, according to speculations the very much part 6 might be released in 2022, but keeping in mind the current situation of the world it has high chances of being postponed ( unfortunately!).

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Plot & Gameplay.

This game has got a very ‘ filmy ‘ plot it has got criminals, gangsters, police, robberies, defense forces, and whatnot. Fancy vehicles again are a very important aspect of this game. Unlike other games, it doesn’t have a specific protagonist or antagonist. And we can’t describe it’s a general plot because as mentioned it’s got various series and every series has its own unique storyline. Its both a multiplayer and a single-player game, players to get use weapons and other fighting types of equipment. It’s an action-adventure game, so if you enjoy running, fighting, and racing this game is definitely meant for you then.



A lot of people criticize this game for glorifying crime, murder, and robberies. As we are aware of its fan following, people said that it might influence youngsters in the wrong way ( well I feel it’s about perceiving things ). The brand even had to face various legal charges because of this. It’s considered to be a very controversial game. In spite of all this, it has made an indelible mark in people’s heart and it will keep making new records pic credit: gtaal