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Prison School Season 2 is coming out? Find out the expected release date and more!

Well the name itself suggests that Prison school is an anime manga series based on high school drama. The series revolves around an institute called Hachimitsu Private Academy located in Tokyo, Japan. This is an Academy that only allows female students and tolerates nothing but a great level of discipline and staying behind the tight guidelines.

The gist of Season 1 of Prison School

The first season of Prison school was a massive hit. It revolved around girls who found twisted ways to have fun at school despite the rules and regulations.

The story continues as the school allows male students and so the adventures of 5 males begin at school, one of them being the protagonist of the show. 

Season 1 shows that the boys get caught during a prohibited act and are thus sent to the prison block of the school. This is where the real fun begins! 

Prison School Season 2 is coming out? Find out the expected release date and more!
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Prison School Season 2: Release date

Prison School written by Akira Hiramoto first came out as a manga series in the Weekly Young Magazine in the year 2011. 

The series became a great hit as it sold millions and millions of copies. 

This is when it was decided to be converted into a television drama and hence the 1st Season of Prison School released in 2015.

Its been a very long time of 5 years since that happened and fans have been going crazy to even get a hint about Season 2.

In an interview the writer said that he wants a Season 2 as well but nothing is certain.

So we’re back to waiting as unfortunately, no official statements have come out regarding the Season 2 of Prison School.


Prison School Season 2: Cast

We know for a fact that our favourite leads are bound to be back for season 2. The next Season is going to pick up where it left off with the same cast and no official declarations on the addition of new characters. 

The cast will include;

  • Taishi Nakagawa
  • Tokio Emoto 
  • Masata Yano
  • Daiki Miyagi
  • Galigaligalixon and others


Prison School Season 2: Plot and more

After watching Season 1 of Prison School, fans have various questions so we expect Season 2 to answer all those questions. 

In Season 1 we see different relationships so it is expected that we will see some more of that. 

Not only this, we want to see the characters having more fun in their own ways and trying to turn the place around. Lets just look forward to that and wait for any positive statements regarding Season 2!



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