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Mask 3 Follow the Magic Formulae to Give a Solid Comeback- Mask 3- Warner Bros- Jim Carry.

Almost every 90’s kid is familiar with the famous comic superhero movie MASK. It is an adaptation of a legendary comic book by the dark horse comic. And is considered as an iconic and became a blockbuster hit back then. The film made the cast very popular back in their era and also introduced Jim carry as a comedy star to the world and remained one of the best hits in his career.

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It also earned him a golden globe award. The plot revolves around the life of a socially awkward bank employee, who, when comes across an ancient mask which completely alters his universe resulting in events giving a hilarious fun ride to the audience. The movie was just built with a budget of $23 million and almost got $351 million, which is nearly 150% profit. The mask had a separate fan base resulting in animated series and a sequel “son of the mask”, although it didn’t do well at the box office.


“the son of the mask” can be said as a disappointment to the fans and the box office. The movie had some dark and adult humor which was considered inappropriate to kids and failed miserably to impress its fans.


The audience has been claiming for a proper followup to the original movie, and it is rumored that warner brothers are planning to bring back Jim Carrey for the next sequel. Regarding the expectations of mask 3, this time they’re are planning to completely spinoff the film franchise and looking forward to a female-driven reboot. Although it’s not official, it is said that the 58-year-old actor, Jim Carrey, is interested in the sequel and wishing to work. In his recent interview with comicbook.com, he said that he wants to work only if it is for some crazy visionary filmmaker who can carry the story well and not for the sake of a sequel. Bringing back original actors is undoubtedly one right formula for a proper sequel, but the story also needs to impress these millennials. After they failed miserably with the sequel “son of the mask”, will warner bros try to give a solid comeback?. Let’s watch it.