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Marvel Runaways Season 4: How will they stand against PRIDE?? Release date, plot and all updates here!

A bit about Marvel Runaways!

Marvel Runaways is an American web series that is mainly based on the comic ‘Runaway.’ This show is exclusively created by Josh Schwartz for Hulu.




This series has three seasons. The third season is the final and last season of the series. The first season was released in November 2017 and comprised of total of ten episodes, season two with 13 episodes, and season 3 premiered in December 2019 with ten episodes.

When will Runaways season 4 releases?

The series premiered with its three seasons, but unfortunately, recent news releases that Hulu announces officially that they will not be releasing upcoming season of runaways.

Season 3 will be the last season for the series. The possible reasons may be the low ratings and low amount of viewers which results in difficulty in making a considerable profit.

Thus, Hulu has ended this series with season 3 with 10 episodes.


Plot of Runaways

The plot of Runaways revolves around a group of teenagers who stands against their villain parents.

The whole series aims at six Los Angeles teens who reunite, after a catastrophe, whose only aim is to discover the secret of their parents they are hiding.

At the starting of the season, the kids realized that their parents are lying about every time. And come to know that their parents are the part of a villain team named PRIDE.

By the end of the second season, the chase is captured by the PRIDE team and threat them to give up their plan of destroying them.

In season 3, the team searches their missing friends. Runaways finally defeated Morgan Le Fay at the end. But, Alex finds a mysterious note about Nico at the end of the series which leaves us curious. But, this is sad that there isn’t any next season to know the whole reason.