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Rapper Jeezy ‘Checks In’ With BMF After 50 Cent Called Him Out.

50 Cents:

The most renowned rapper, Jeezy had finally checked in with BMF’s co-founder Southwest T, after allegedly blocking his calls and texts. No one was personally ready to talk with him. The co-founder was recently released from jail, almost last week. 50 cent, makes his social media his personal weapon to put a blast on everyone who was not trying to make any type of contact with BMF’s co-founder Southwest T, after his release from bars. Southwest T had also done drug operations and also was the leader. He had counted in hundreds of millions of dollars, and had various branches throughout the country. His younger brother was  Big Meech.


In a very roughing language, he went on social media saying and calling out certain persons to pay their time. That also includes  Diddy, Irv Gotti, and Jeezy. With the names of different character, 50 cents played a game with Southwest T. Till this time Diggy had made enough cash on his business. The mogul of music was already with the BMF in past, tries to contact with Southwest T, but failed. Jeezy was intelligent, he know he wouldn’t get any trouble from Fiddy or BMF, so he made a network to connect with them. Irv Gotti was unable to make complaint.

Here is the checked in, Many believe that the Jeezy would have checked in with Southwest T, even without any hesitation to do so by 50 Cent. It was great to see him on call though he takes time, but it’s good. The game played between both 50 cent and T was noticeable and was all about their plan. All have tries very well to put Jeezy on fire, but none of them were successful in making him blast. His intelligence made him a way to come out.