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What happens to Mexico’s drug empire?…Narcos Mexico season 3 is releasing? Release date is out?


What better way to depict the business of illegal drug trades in the Mexican influenced regions in the 80s than NARCOS Mexico; the show which has been on Netflix since 16th November 2018. It is an American crime drama series which is produced by Chris Brancato, Carlo Bernard and Doug Miro. A companion series to ‘Narcos’, where its first season was unofficially called ‘Narcos Season 4’ by the fans.


In the original Narcos, the first two seasons showed how Pablo Escobar rose to become the biggest drug lord of Colombia and soon, that of the whole world. The show also described how he managed to produce and distribute Cocaine and build such a huge empire on his own. It also included various interactions Escobar had with other powerful drug lords and with the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration).
Season 1 of the show had aired on Netflix in August 2015, Season 2 in September 2016 and the final season in September 2017 on the same platform. Instead of continuing with Season 4, the makers decided to pull out a so-called cousin show called Narcos: Mexico which aired in August 2018. As the name suggests, the show is set in Mexico whereas the former was set in the country of Colombia.
As mentioned before, Narcos Mexico started in 2018 in November. Later it was renewed for a second season, which was finally aired in February 2020. Unlike Narcos, the new show explores the recent war on drugs and the beginning of a new cartel, called the Guadalajara Cartel and how the DEA and its agent Camarena fight against it to end the drug empire.



Though it officially has not been announced, the makers of Narcos Mexico have teased about the third season to be out sometime soon. Last time the makers announced a confirmed second season one month after the first one was aired, and approximately fourteen months later, it had premiered. If the makers follow the same pattern, we can expect Narcos Mexico Season 3 to hit our small screens on Netflix around May 2021. Generally, Netflix throws a very intriguing teaser before the premiere of the concerned show, this time we may have to wait a few months for that to happen.
Till then maybe we can start guessing by ourselves whether Diego Luna will return as Felix Gallardo or not?