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Justin Timberlake Actually Used Marsha Ambrosius’s Voice On ‘Cry Me a River’. Here is the special thing

Justin Timberlake Actually Used Marsha Ambrosius’s Voice On ‘Cry Me a River’


It has been very nearly a long time since Justin Timberlake discharged his hit melody, “Cry Me a River” and some significant data was simply as of late discharged in regards to the number. On March 29, it was uncovered that Justin Timberlake isn’t the main vocalist to include on the track. Evidently, he enrolled the assistance of R&B artist Marsha Ambrosius to sing the foundation vocals and hit a portion of the high notes that show up in the track.

About Marsha Ambrosius

In spite of the fact that she is most popular for being one-portion of the English R&B team bunch “Floetry” (alongside Natalie Stewart) and her performance vocation in this manner, she additionally has stunning songwriting credits, (for example, Michael Jackson’s “Butterflies”) and has shown up on collections or ventures for different craftsmen, including Solange, Busta Rhymes, Q-Tip, Nas, Jamie Foxx, Queen Latifah, Talib Kweli, Dr. Dre, Kendrick Lamar, Common, Snoop Dogg and Nipsey Hussle… the amazing rundown continues endlessly.

Be that as it may, as of late, Ambrosius’ uncovered on twitter that she was the other voice on Timberlake’s acclaimed track. On Thursday, the 42-year-old artist lyricist uncovered in a short clasp that she was the person who sang the foundation vocals of “Cry Me a River,” including that astounding “cry me cry meeeeee” advertisement libbed scrap close to the finish of the tune.

The generally acclaimed champion single for Justin Timberlake’s presentation solo album Justified is “Cry Me a River.”

Fans’ brains are blown

Stunned? So were numerous others. Most people were in fact “today years old” when they took in this news, particularly considering exactly how precisely she impersonated Justin’s voice.

“I was today years old when I discovered this out. Stunning,” thought of one Twitter client.

“State what now???” tweeted Pose actress Angelica Ross. “THEE Best piece of ‘Cry Me A River’ was the adlibs toward the finish of the melody and that wasn’t even JT? … Is this without a doubt?!”

However, this isn’t actually the first occasion when she has uncovered this data: In 2016, Marsha Ambrosius noted on Twitter that she earned her first Grammy grant for her work on the melody. She likewise discussed how she and Justin met up to take a shot at the track in a 2014 meeting with The Los Angeles Times, telling the paper that Timbaland, who went about as a maker on the track, contacted her for help.