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Are Rumors Emma Watson Tom Felton Fake? Here is the real thing which will shock you!!! Emma Watson really dating Tom Felton?

Emma Watson and Tom Felton are making up for lost time more frequently and sharing significant pictures. This is starting bits of gossip about the on-screen characters dating one another. Even though Emma opened up as of late that she is single, there is something despite everything moving up.


While fans were wanting to hear some uplifting news about their most loved Harry Potter transport turned IRL couple, it appears as though the gossipy tidbits aren’t accurate. Emma affirmed that she’s single and so a lot more joyful for it.


She stated that she resembled that this is thoroughly spieled and that it took her quite a while; however, she is upbeat being single. She also revealed to British Vogue in a meeting that she will call it acting naturally banded together. Although it’s miserable to not see them authoritatively together, they, despite everything, can’t get over their delightful fellowship!


In her more youthful days, the rich on-screen character once told the media that she had a “truly terrible” smash on Tom Felton. However, that was between the age of 10 and 12.

Emma and Tom’s Harry Potter co-star, Rupert Grint, additionally once let the cat out of the bag that there was sentiment sprouting between previous on-screen characters. Even though Grint never affirmed that the news was genuine.


Be that as it may, Emma solidly precluded any cases from securing her being involved with Tom. She completely cleared that she is, starting at now, single and not dating.

Teen Vogue


Tom likewise uncovered that he liked Helena Bonham Carter, portraying her as an “excellent lady.” Helena also said that she was very complimented by Tom’s commendations.

In 2016, Tom cleared the dimness around him, and Emma’s dating bits of gossip. He expressed that they were simply companions and very old buddies. He was cited saying, “We were in every case exceptionally close, however, no, nothing of that nature!”. This practically clarified there was nothing valid for those bits of gossip.

Felton, however, admitted that they were constantly rejoining. We simply don’t generally post it on Instagram.” These interpretations of Felton recommend that there is a trace of validity in those bits of gossip. In any case, no official explanation has been made by any of them. Till then, we should assume they are very old buddies.