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Death Note season 2 is Happening? Know about the plot, cast, characters and release date

Death Note, The Shinigami thriller is may be back with us with its sequel. The first season which was released in 2007-08, remained a hit. For a long time, the rumors for the sequel has finally come up. The plot of the first season was simple yet interesting. Read more to get details about your favorite anime series.

What’s the plot?

Light Yagami, the lead character on seeing a strange notebook, moves forward in investigating it. The notebook is dropped by a Shinigami named Ryuk. Shinigamis are the Gods of death who, if write any person’s name in the notebook, is killed. He thought it was a joke and writes the names of all the criminals. The people are in utter shock by the deaths all around. However, a detective named L investigates the incidents. Thus, a battle starts between the Light and L. The next season may be more enjoyable. We might know more about the history of Shinigamis. Yet, then there are no official details about the plot, however.image credit: The Global Coverage

Characters in Death Note season 2

Mamoru Miyano may play in the role of Light Yagami. Kappei Yamaguchi may take up the role of L. These are the lead characters in the movie. Nothing else can be said up to now about the addition of more characters and cast in season 2.

The expected release date for season 2

There is no idea yet about the release date of season 2. But, there are likely rumors of being a live-action movie. The first season was filmed from October 4, 2006, to June 21, 2007. It carried a total of 37 episodes. We have to wait yet for the official confirmation about the release date for season 2. So they didn’t say anything about official news of releasing death note season 2 so you need to wait to find out.
But, it will be worth watching that if season 2 came up, what will its plot carries as season one got its expected end.
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