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Alec Baldwin: What we know about the accidental shooting on the set of his new movie Rust

Alec Baldwin – debonair actor, funnyman, and overall gentleman. The tragic occurrence that led to the loss of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins’ life is on everyone’s lips. We sit glued to news and entertainment websites, hoping to hear more details or how it will all be handled by law enforcement and the entertainment industry at large. But, at the center of it all, Alec has expressed his sincerest apologies to her family and loved ones, and we feel for him.

Before all of this, though, Alec played many roles in various movies, nailing his characters in each one. We love seeing his quirky brand of acting and quite enjoy the parodies of Donald Trump he does and the guests he hosts on The Alec Baldwin Show. He is a very talented man, having been in movies like Beetlejuice, It’s Complicated, and the recent children’s hit movie, Boss Baby, where he voiced the main character. If you are not well acquainted with his catalog beyond 2 or 3 movies, we insist you start watching this classic man’s films now.

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A bit more about Alec

Born Alexander Rae Baldwin III to parents Alexander Baldwin Jr and Carol Baldwin, Alec is the eldest and most famous of 6 siblings. More than being an actor, Alec is also a film producer, writer, political activist, comedian, philanthropist, father, and husband.

What happened on the set of Rust

On 21 October, on set for his upcoming movie Rust, Alec was handed a loaded gun which he thought was a prop loaded with blanks. He fired the weapon and the bullet hit Halyna and director Joel Souza who was behind her,Iit hit Halyna in the chest and Joel in the shoulder. When she was rushed off to the hospital, Halyna was in critical condition and unconscious but she, unfortunately, succumbed to the injury. Joel was treated at a hospital and later discharged.

Alec released a tweet and insta post expressing his distress at the tragic accident and sympathy for Halyna’s passing to her husband, children, and loved ones. Authorities have stated that he is fully cooperating with the investigation so that a conclusion can soon be found to this terrible matter. As of now, charges have not yet been made, and the investigation is still ongoing.

Alec Baldwin: What we know about the accidental shooting on the set of his new movie Rust
Image credit:Alec Baldwin @alecbaldwininsta on Instagram


Biggest worry

Our biggest source of worry is the fact that the weapon was not properly checked before it was handed to Alec. The individuals in charge of the armory on that set have also been cooperating with the investigation. Alec is an actor, and his part is to use the props he is given to make scenes as realistic as possible. Before he was handed the loaded weapon, he had been informed that it was ‘cold’, a term used to indicate that the props are indeed props and not loaded with actual bullets. Unfortunately for everyone involved, a life was lost.

Alec Baldwin: What we know about the accidental shooting on the set of his new movie Rust
Image credit: @halynahutchins on Instagram

Wrapping up

While this horrible accident has the ability to sully Alec’s legacy, we hope that he will be able to recover from it and carry on making beautiful movies and that Halyna’s family will also have the strength and courage to carry on with their lives and find peace.