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When Is Amazon Prime’s Hanna Season 2 Finally Happening? Here Are The Cast, Release Dates, Plot And All Other Details Regarding The Upcoming Season.

All about Hanna

Hanna is an American Amazon Prime web series belonging to action and drama genres. It is inspired by a 2011 thriller film of the same name that is Hanna, directed by Joe Wright, starring Saoirse Ronan.

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The Amazon Prime’s Hanna premiered on February 3, 2019, and was directed by Sarah Adina Smith consisting of 8 episodes.
After its release, the series received relatively mixed reviews and an average rating. However, its fan base can’t be misjudged as, since the arrival of the first season, fans have been curiously pinging the social media accounts of the creators and casts to disclose the waiver of the second season.

Plot of Hanna

The story is about a teenage girl Hanna who lives with her father, Erik, in a secluded area of a forest in Poland, set apart, and unaware of all the worldly facets. His father was the only man she had known for the 15 years of her life.
The purpose behind Hanna’s birth was to be a CIA soldier under the UTRAX program. However, Erik, violating the code, stole Hanna and flee to the Romanian forest.
While the upbringing of Hanna, Erik equips her with all the survival ploys and hand-to-hand combat for primarily the 15 years of her life and then decides to liberate her to lead a normal life, which later brings both of them in conflict with Marissa, a CIA agent.

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What can we expect from Hanna 2?

Hanna had returned to her refuge in the forest at the end of season 1, after the death of her father. But the second season might turn around and bring back Hanna to the real world of action and nuisance.
However, there is no hinting of the plot of season 2 from any counterpart; even the teaser is not out yet. Hence, it’s ambiguous to infer where it will lead us.

The cast of Hanna 2

The protagonist, Esme-Creed Miles playing Hanna, is confirmed to resume in the second season. Also, Mireille Enos, as Marissa Weigler, Joel Kinnaman as Erik Heller, Noah Taylor as Dr. Roland Kunek, will return in Hanna 2.
In September 2019, five new cast additions were announced for season 2 of Hanna. Namely, Dermot Mulroney, set to play John Carmichael, Anthony Welsh as Leo Garner, Cherelle Skeete in the role of Terri Miller, and lastly, Severine Howell-Meri and Gianna Kiehl are onboard as new Utrax trainees Helen and Jules.

When can we hope Hanna 2 to show up?

Preliminary to the release of its first season, Amazon had renewed the production of Hanna 2. So there’s no additional thought considering its release. However, there hasn’t been any official proclamation specific to release dates, but as the crews and creators seem already into it, Amazon might drop the season by the end of 2020.