Read to know regarding the season 3 of One Punch Man, its release date, cast , plot and every latest updates

One-Punch Man is one of the favorite anime series among all ages. The series shares a rivalry between its main characters, Saitama and Garou. The first two seasons are already loved by the fans. The second season was released a year before.
So, fans are waiting anxiously for the release date of its second season. But, now, finally, the news has come up for the renewed season. So, read more to get updates regarding it.

When will season 3 be released for One Punch Man?

There is no official confirmation regarding the release date of season 3. But, it is expected to get released by the end of 2020. However, the production process might be delayed due to the crisis of COVID-19. So, we might see a delay in the coming season of One Man Punch.

What is the plot for Season 3?

Yuska Murata is the creator of the series of One Man Punch. Season 2 saw the end of Garou taking up the path of a villain. He believed that heroes are made to abolish the weaker section of society. So, he took up the path of evil and became an enemy with Saitama.
The plot may continue with his childhood story and may follow up with the incidences of their rivalry.

The cast for Season 3

The storyline may cover the same characters included as previously. However, to add a new twist, the production team can come up with the inclusion of some new characters. It will be really worth watching to see the new characters. The main characters i.e., Saitama and Garou, will take up the story further.
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