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Dead to Me Season 2 : Cast, release date, expected plot and more insights into your favourite series!!!!!

Dead to Me is a Netflix original dark comedy series that revolves around two women Jen and Judy, who meet at a support group for depressed widows. With time their friendship deepens through their shared grief. The first season of the series created by Liz Feldman was released on Netflix on May 3, 2019. Is the second season going to arrive soon?
When is the second season going to release?
Though the series has been renewed for its second season, there is no official announcement of the release date yet. Cardellini reassured her eager fans by posting a picture of Feldman, Applegate, and herself on Instagram, announcing their excitement for the next season whose shooting had wrapped up. Therefore, fans can expect the announcement along with a trailer of the second season anytime soon

Expected Cast of season 2:

Though there are no announcements about the cast of the second season, most of the cast members of the first season are expected to come back:
• Christina Applegate (Jen Harding)
• Brandon Scott (Nick)
• Linda Cardellini (Jude Hale)
• James Marsden (Steve Wood)
• Max Jenkins (Christopher Doyle)
• Sam McCarthy (Charlie Harding)
• Beth Littleford (Doug’s wife)
• Linda Cardellini (Judy)
• Luke Roessler (Henry)
There is also one addition to the cast, Natalie Morales, who will play the role of Michelle, a woman who becomes friends with Judy at the living center where Judy works.

Why Lorna had Bad Habits?

Lorna (Valerie Mahaffey), Jen’s mother-in-law, had the bad habit of consuming pills and she was sort of addicted to it. She blamed Jen for the death of her son and impelled abuses on her. Due to her unhealthy habits, Charlie (Sam McCarthy) left the house.

Season 2 Plot:

The last season of the series was undoubtedly nothing less than a rollercoaster ride for its audience which ended on a cliff-hanger, making fans believe that Jen shot Steve, Judy’s ex-fiancé.
However, in an interview by Feldman, the creator of the show, she hinted that the end of the season is not the one that fans are thinking. She also talked about the relationship between Jen and Judy, which is expected to take some interesting turns in the upcoming season, which will definitely give fans a chance to witness the different dimensions of happiness, sorrow and forgiveness.