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Confirmed!! The Protector season 4 is coming soon on Netflix, When?

The fantasy show named The protector has always been the top list series. The Protector first and the second season was very much successful, and all the viewers were crazy about the show. So now it is the time of The protector season 4.
The Protector is a Turkish Drama that was introduced in the year of 2018 on 14th December. At some time only after the launch of the web series. All the viewers went crazy, and the fans were also increasing day by day. The IMDB rating of this series was 6.9 percent out of 10.
The Protector is all about a young shopkeeper named Hakan. His whole world got into an upside-down when he knew that he was connected with an ancient secret order. This ancient secret order is being tasked to save Istanbul. So while he knows that he has the task to keep Istanbul, he has to choose between his duty, which is as a protector, or he has to choose his lady love. It will be very interesting to see what he will want.IMGL1292.CR2Confirmed!! The Protector season 4 is coming soon on Netflix, When?

What is the exact release date of The Protector season 4?

All the people around the world are crazily waiting for the 3rd season to get released. But the sad news is that Netflix has now even not confirmed when it will be issued. But, surely, it will come when we don’t know. We have just to hope that Netflix uploads this series as soon as possible.

Who will be the casts of The protector season 4?

We cannot believe to see the Protector season 4 without Cagatay Ullusoy. So it is very much crucial for him to return in the Protector season 4. The actor of The Protector has even noted that working with Netflix was one of his most significant works, and he always wants to work with them. So maybe he will return in the third season.
The other casts are unknown; we will know about them once the series got released on Netflix.

What will be the main plot of The Protector season 4?

In the previous story, we have seen that Hakan has entered in the fierce battle. This battle was done to save Istanbul. After returning from hell the country was suffering from the dangerous virus, which the Protector have to keep. So in the 4th season, you can see the continuity of the 2nd season.