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Amanda Kloots tearfully asks for prayers as Nick Cordero’s health gets worse!! Read below for more information

Nick Cordero’s health has been depreciating for too long

Nick Cordero’s health has been depreciating for quite a long time now. People are a lot of people who are actually suffering because of this disease coronavirus. Even Tom Hanks was infected along with his wife, but they recovered pretty soon and were soon out of danger. But here this is not the case; Nick has not been in good health for a very long time now.

Nick Cordero and his health

Cordero’s health has been bad for so long that people are afraid that he might not make it. Nick has been in the hospital, and he was also in a coma for about 13 days. He had an operation, and then he was given very strong anesthesia.

Nick Cordero


And that point of time to his wife was very worried that he might not wake up. She was continuously going on her social media accounts and waiting for us to pray for her husband. Amanda has been a very good wife, and she obviously wants him to get better.

Amanda asks us to pray for him.

When Nick Cordero was in a coma, his wife Amanda was worried that he might not make it and asked everyone on Instagram to pray. However, he did test positive and is now fighting with the virus.

Prayer Pleas


Back at home, his wife did not do her usual Sunday live on Instagram. Instead, she uploaded a story saying how Nick’s health has been declining very quickly.

She completely broke down while discussing these things and begged all of us for their mega prayers. The good news is that his right look is looking better than before. But that is just one good news; he needs to get completely well. That is when his wife will be at peace. We must hope for his well being.