Netflix’s recent hit action movie Extraction features CHRIS HEMSWORTH in the lead. The film is a Non-Stop action-filled Adventure ride with an ending that’s as dark as the movie!

From the minds of the Russo Brothers whom you may know as the directors of Avengers Endgame, this movie is ” the action movie of the summer of 2020″. Actor Chrish Hemsworth has also been credited as a producer with stuntman turned director Sam Hargrave.

Extraction movie plot:

Chris Hemsworth Aka Tyler, a man with a job to finish!


He goes on a mission to save ovie, the son of the biggest drug lord in India, who was being held hostage in Bangladesh, by his father’s nemesis.

After a long battle with the military, juvenile gang members, and a betrayal from an old friend, Tyler manages to get Ovie across the bridge where his associates are waiting for the extraction. But as a severely injured Tyler makes his way towards them, he is shot in the neck by a kid working for the drug lord and he falls off the bridge into the river below. The question is, is Tyler alive? According to Hemsworth and Hargrave, they left the ending open-ended to appease the audience after they got a split reaction when they first screened the film to a test group. Actually, the fate of Tyler is whatever you, the viewer, want it to be.

The cast of The Extraction:

This movie is filled with very famous actors and actresses namely, Chris Hemsworth as Tyler, Goldshifteh Farahani, Randeep Hooda as Saju, David Harbor as Gasper, Manoj Bajpai, Pankaj Tripathi, and Mark Dunato.

Rumors about The Extraction 2:

There is sone good news for Hemsworth’s fans because Russo’s brother has announced about the sequel of the movie. They have also said that they are now discussing their thoughts with Netflix, as the first part of the film did a great business of 90 million, but they also admitted that they didn’t plan a part 2 before. Yet, it’s a huge success is making them do it, and they confirmed that the location and the mission of the sequel will not be the same again.

The Extraction 2 Release Date:

The team didn’t announce the release date for the sequel yet, but due to the ongoing pandemic, we can clearly guess that we will not be able to see the second part before 2022. The scriptwriting and shooting takes a lot of time as well. Let’s hope it does not gets delayed much!

Source- screengeek.net