Jazz Statement on the Passing of Jerry Sloan, a tragic and unexpected death.

Jerry Solan has passed away, and now we have nothing but good to talk of him

People have faced a lot of deaths in their lives, and Jerry Solan was obviously somebody very close to the NBA community. It’s truly very sad to leave somebody to whom we have been used to for a long time. It is unfair, but really one must go, and nobody can actually stop them.

Jerry And His Contribution to Jazz

Jerry has worked with the Utah Jazz for 30 plus years, and in this time period, he has done a lot of things. He was a very accomplished man, and he needs a lot of appearances in the actual NBA games and playoffs.

Jerry Solan


I think it was one of those beloved men that people find it hard to hate him and too good to be true. He was the best coach and most accomplished in his field of career.

Even after his retirement, he made all the efforts to be connected to the NBA community as much as possible. And this was a huge part of Jerry’s life, and it shows.

A Tribute from Friends and family

Friends and family have also been posting on social media, grieving the loss of such a wonderful person. The retired now most players and associated NBA people also expressed this.

Jerry Solan


Twitter is greeting, and the Miller family has also expressed their sorrow about this wonderful man. I hope his soul rests in peace and I hope jihad done everything that he wanted to do in his life.

You are such a passionate coach, and it is very hard these days to find somebody as passionate. We know for certain that he was not after the money but for the experience and the comfort that the game gives him.