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Berlin Edmond CONTROVERCY | Berleezy Height | Career | Net worth | Interesting facts

Berleezy height

Berleezy is a well-known YouTube actor, best known for his comedy videos in his series “Exposed”, in which he makes jokes about various shows and movie characters. He has two successful YouTube channels, and he is fully focused on them right now. Let’s find out more about Berleezy height, real name, relationship status, amount of money, etc.

Berleezy height

Early life, family

Berlin Andre Edmund Jr. was born on December 16, 1992, in California, USA, so his birthmark is Sagittarius, and he holds American citizenship. His parents are still living together, and Berlin has even mentioned his mother in some of his videos, though he has never mentioned her name.

His father’s name is also unknown, and Berlin did not disclose whether he had siblings. He once shared that he had a peaceful and “normal” friendship, and his parents always supported him in whatever he did.


Berlin completed his matric at a local high school in 2010, then entered California State University in Fullerton (formerly Orange County State College), and graduated in 2017 with a BA in English. He took his education very seriously, and he was looking forward to trying in the teaching world, so he took a break from his YouTube career to graduate successfully.

YouTube activity

Berleezy Station

In ‘real’ life, Berlin is an English teacher and works at a school. As for his online career, he is a growing YouTube star – he created his YouTube channel on September 11, 2012. His first video was uploaded on April 2, 2013, titled “APRIL FOOLS”.

It is Berlin’s first prank video in which he introduces his friend empty boxes from iPads, always promising that the next box has an iPad (and it doesn’t). It has over 100,000 views so far, and Berlin fans still consider this video to be very funny, as they have always left positive and supportive comments.

The channel is also famous for the Berlin video series “Exposed”, as it watches various films and cartoons and then makes funny and humorous videos about the characters and movie episodes. The most popular video on this channel is titled “DORA THE EXPLORER: EXPOSED” and has an amazing 8.2 million views.

Over the years, Berlin has uploaded more than 100 videos to his main channel “berleezy”. Also more than 415 videos to his second channel, Berleezy, which he created in 2016, but doubled his original number.

Berleezy channel

“Berleezy” is a separate channel where Berlin uploads gaming videos. He posted “Let’s Play” videos on games such as Mortal Kombat 11, Fortnite, The Sims 4, and Resident Evil 2. He also likes to watch various series such as The Walking Dead. ”And“ The Carcass Party ”, as well as commenting on everything that happened on the screen.

His followers also suggest what he should watch further, and he chooses the next series in their suggestions. The most popular video on this channel is titled “FROM THE BEGINNING !! | The Walking Dead: Season 1 | # 1 ”and has attracted over 600,000 views.

Berleezy height and weight 

what are Berleezy height and weight? Wеll, Berleezy (Berlin Edmond)’ѕ аgе іѕ 29 уеаrѕ оld аѕ оf tоdау’ѕ dаtе 26th Јаnuаrу 2022 hаvіng bееn bоrn оn 16 Dесеmbеr 92. Berleezy height is 5 feet 8 inches and he weighs about 127 pounds or 57 in Kilograms.

Hobbies and interesting facts

From a young age, Berlin loved playing video games, such as the Mega Man Legend and the Super Smash Brothers. He dreams of visiting Berlin, Germany, and making a funny vlog on Berlin’s trip to Berlin.

He was once asked what celebrities he would like to have as a father and mother, and Berlin replied that he would like to have Bernie Mac, a famous black actor, and comedian, like his father, as he highly regarded his talent; as a celebrity mother, Berlin chose an Oscar awarded by actress Viola Davis, as she thinks she is a strong and talented woman.

He also added that Donald Glover, a stand-up comic, was always very encouraging. His favorite YouTuber is Shane Dawson and would love to collaborate with Travis Williams. In his spare time, Berlin likes to smoke a hookah. He also appreciates his followers who draw pictures of him and publish them on his social media accounts.

Personal life

Nothing is known about Berlin’s personal life. He never said anything about his girlfriend, and he never posted pictures of himself with his partner. Lack of knowledge could mean that he was completely immersed in his educational career and his YouTube work, or he preferred to keep his personal life hidden.

However, his followers patiently waited for any information about his relationship. They ask him personal questions in their comments from time to time.

There were also rumors that Berlin was gay, but he did not confirm such information. In 2018 he posted a Q&A video in which he thought his future girlfriend would be a gamer, have a sense of humor and be funny. He also shared that he wanted to have children, although he had not yet. He would have as many children as possible to support him financially and emotionally.

Net worth

Authorized sources estimate Berlin’s total value of about $ 6 million. His monthly income from both YouTube channels is estimated at $ 112,000. He works full-time as an English teacher and also was invited to record in ReportedTV commercials.

Berlin is still very active in both of his YouTube channels. He does not need to pause his YouTube activities to focus on his study. So his value will grow in the future.

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Berlin Edmond CONTROVERCY | Berleezy Height | Career | Net worth | Interesting facts
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