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How to make shirts or T-shirts in Roblox Easy Tips ,Tricks and Guides

I know many of you are curious to know “how to make shirts in Roblox?” Why you would not be curious to know about it all?  This is very informative and it makes every person curious to know about it. And believe me, I am curious too with you all to get every information related to it.

In this ongoing article, I am going to share all the information related to it. So, without wasting your time with mine and increasing your curiosity much we should start this article. This article is amazing and contains lots of information so grab all the information related to it.

How to make shirts or T-shirts in Roblox

About how to make shirts in Roblox

This article will teach you how to create or custom your shirts in the Roblox on an online basis. You must have to take a subscription to upload and need to wear your custom shirts and also have to make Roblox just by making their shirts or t-shirts.

Note: Please do not get confused about the shirts with all the t-shirts. You can create all types of t-shirts without having any Premium membership while you just need a membership to make a shirt by yourself. To learn how to create a shirt or t-shirt, please just read our article on our famous site Insta Chronicles.

Steps to make Shirts or T-shirts in Roblox

Step-1 Make sure that you are having a subscription (updated subscription, you do not need to have premium you only just need a 10 Roblox). If you are not a paying member and have the Premium subscription, you do not have to upload your shirt template just to become a member of the Premium:

Go to www.roblox.com and scroll down on the site and have different types of plans on the Premium and just choose one of their 3 plans. Select any type of there payment method. You just need to click Continue. Then enter your payment details over there. Then click Submit Order

Step-2 Open the Roblox and enter it into your shirt template page.

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Step-3 Save your shirt template onto your personal computer or laptop. Right-click on the template you need to click to save image or Save as in the resulting and has the drop-down menu to select a saved location (like, your desktop), and has to click Save.

Step-4 Open your photo-editing program or applicationDepending on your all preferences and your operating system, you may have several different types of photo-editing software options:

If you are having or using Windows, you have Microsoft Paint which is installed by default. You can also download other programs related to it like Paint.NET which is also a free program that is also available for Mac users. If you had been using a Mac laptop, you should download Pinta for free, or you have to pay for something like either Photoshop or Lightroom. GIMP 2 has been a good free option for both Windows and Mac users.

Step-5 Open the template in your program or application. Click or you can drag the template into some of your photo-editing programs or you have to click on the file then click on open and you have to double-click on that particular template and has to open it in your application or program.

Step-6 Edit your particular template. It has been depending on your preferences for your shirt or T-shirt, this step will vary. For example, if you just want to place any logo on your shirt’s torso, you might need to use the photo-editing software’s pen tool to draw on the various chest section on the template.

Step-7 Save your T-shirt or shirt. Press Ctrl+S on Windows or Command+S on the Mac to save all the changes to your particular template, or just click on the File, and then you have to click Save.

How to make shirts or T-shirts in Roblox

Uploading of the shirt

Step-1 Open the Roblox main page. Go to the Roblox main page in your browser.

Step-2 Click on the Create tab. It has the upper-left side of that particular page.

Step-3 Click on Continue to Create page if it has been prompted. If this has been your first time opening the create tab then click on the Continue just to Create page link in that pop-up window.

Skip this step if you just go straight to the Create page. If you have not logged into the Roblox, you will just need to enter your username and then your password and then have to click on Sign In before you can continue in that.

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Step-4 Then click on the Shirts. This option has been near the bottom of the “My Creations” list of all the items.

You may first just need to click on My Creations which is at the top of the page to open all the lists.

Step-5 Click on Browse. It has a grey button near the top of the “Create a Shirt” page. A window will be opened.

Step-6 Select your particular shirt image. Find the PNG template image in the folder where you had been saved it (like on Desktop) and have to click it.

Step-7 Click Open. It has been in the bottom-right corner of that particular window.

Step-8 Enter a good name for your particular amazing shirt in the “Shirt Name” text field where you need to type in the name of your shirt. This is how it will be appeared in the web store and on your profile too.

Step-9 Click on the Upload. It has a green button below that “Shirt Name” text field. Doing so will upload your shirt to your profile on Roblox from which point you can equip or sell it as you want to.

How to make shirts or T-shirts in Roblox

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you make a shirt on Roblox and sell it in 2020?

To do this, you’ll need to:
  1. Go to the ‘Create’ section located in the blue bar at the top of the site.
  2. Click on either Shirts, Pants, or T-Shirts in the left column.
  3. Click the gear to the right of the item you want to sell.
  4. Click ‘Configure’, then select ‘Sales’

Does it cost Roblox to make a shirt?

Your account will need a membership, but you can make a T-shirt for your personal use without a membership. Clothing items cannot be sold for free, the minimum amount for Shirts/Pants is 5 Roblox and for T-Shirts is 2 Roblox.

How do you earn Roblox?

Ways to Get Roblox
  1. You can purchase Roblox in our mobile, browser, and Xbox One apps.
  2. Accounts with a membership receive a Roblox stipend.
  3. Accounts with a membership can sell shirts and pants and get a percentage of the profit.
  4. Any user can build a game and earn Roblox in a variety of ways.

How do you make a Roblox Group shirt?

To create group clothing, do the following:
  1. Click on the group’s Store tab.
  2. Click on Create or manage group items.
  3. Select the T-Shirt, Shirt, or Pants option.
  4. Once selected, click Choose File and select your image.
  5. Enter a name for your clothing.
  6. Click Upload.

Where is Create page in Roblox?

Click Create in the blue bar at the top of the website. In the My Creations tab click Games if it isn’t already highlighted. Click Create New Game. Choose the settings and templates for your new creation.

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