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These Outdoor TV Antennas will Change Your Television Experience Forever! Find the Best Omnidirectional Outdoor TV Antenna

With the evolution of smartphones and televisions, the entertainment industry has soared up high, and with that welcomes higher and advanced technology, with the sheer purpose to make the user experience the entertainment without any hassle of making a big set or putting too much labor in it.

The omnidirectional TV antennas help you get a wider variety of channels on your television than you already have, by catching signals from the nearest TV tower. Usually placed outdoors, this device requires a sort of setup, to be connected directly to your television, without any much hassle.

It is easy to install, doesn’t require any additional supply from your electricity, and gives a wide variety of channels you can browse through.

Best Omnidirectional Outdoor TV Antenna

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Some of the best omnidirectional outdoor TV antennas which are fit for budget, great for usage, and have amazing durability, are given below.

1. LAVA Outdoor TV Antenna

lava outdoor tv antenna
LAVA Outdoor TV Antenna Omnidirectional 360 Degree HD TV 4K Omnipro Amplified TV Antenna OmniPro HD-8008 + Installation Kit HD-8008

LAVA provides a great deal to the customers, as this outdoor antenna comes with a range of up to 130 miles that can receive up to 130 free HD channels. A built-in dipole provides excellent VHF and UHF transmission.

This antenna will be in an excellent position for efficient reception with a 50-foot cable. It has a built-in dipole, a range of up to 130 miles, and can receive up to 130 Free HD Channels.

These Outdoor TV Antennas will Change Your Television Experience Forever! Find the Best Omnidirectional Outdoor TV Antenna



  1. 125 Mile Range Omni Directional: The all-new 2021 LAVA OmniPro HDTV antenna is more reliable and powerful, thanks to a newly designed built-in amplifier and improved receiving elements.
  2. It is completely omnidirectional and receives signals from all directions.
  3. Customer Reliability: The company has already sold over 1 million units in the USA only, kudos to its simple design and ease of operation.
  4. 360 Degrees Reception: Signals arrive flawlessly, with no need for pointing or tuning. The number of channels available may differ depending on your location and media market.
  5. When compared to their directional antenna, many of our customers report receiving 20 or more digital channels.
  6. Free Local Channels: You can get your favorite shows from networks like NBC, FOX, CBS, ABC, PBS, THE CW, QUBO, TELEMUNDO, UNIVISION, RTV, THIS TV, ION, ME TV, THE WEATHER CHANNEL and dozens more for free. Yes, this includes your local news, weather, sports, movies, and a lot more than you can think.


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WHY DO WE RECOMMEND: This TV antenna is the perfect solution for any rural or suburban area, with a range of about up to 150 miles. The installation is easy, with the choice of attic or outdoors, and a range of channels at your service.

2. ANTOP AT-415B 720° UFO Dual Omni-Directional Outdoor HDTV Antenna

ANTOP tv antenna
Upgraded Version – ANTOP AT-415B 720° UFO Dual Omni-Directional Outdoor HDTV Antenna with Exclusive Smartpass Amplifier &4G LTE Filter, Fit for Outdoor/RV/Attic Use(33ft Coaxial Cable,4K UHD Ready)

This antenna wins with the 4G LTE filter, security from UV rays, and added weather resistance as well. The delivered package contains a DIY antenna that takes only five minutes to install and set up.

Because this antenna is designed for long-term use, its UV and weather resistance are valuable features. It has a 4G LTE filter built-in, no signal blind zone, and is UV coated and weather-resistant.

These Outdoor TV Antennas will Change Your Television Experience Forever! Find the Best Omnidirectional Outdoor TV Antenna



  1. 720° reception: The reception leads to catching up networks even in regions with moderate networks, making it be a “no signal blind zone”.
  2. Aesthetic and DIY design: Lightweight creative design aimed at simple DIY and SIMPLE SET-UP in 5 minutes. Installation is simple and requires no tools.
  3. Shields against interface: Build-in 4G LTE Filter shields against interference and blocks unwanted 3G and 4G wireless signals for stable performance, resulting in a crystal clear HDTV experience.
  4. Delivery of range: ANTOP’s exclusive Smart pass technology Amplifier makes it easier to balance short and long-range reception, and the intelligent switch prevents signal overload.
  5. Durability and weather resistance: The combination of a UV-coated, weather-resistant exterior design and anti-interference internal technology protects signal reception, allowing for clear images and full channel capacity- even in bad weather.


WHY DO WE RECOMMEND: The 720° reception is an amazing feature for places with moderate networks and the places where catching networks is tough, making it cover more area than others. The 4G LTE filter results in you having the HD experience on your TV.

3.1byone 720°Omni-Directional Reception TV Antenna 

1byone tv antenna
Outdoor TV Antenna – 1byone 720°Omni-Directional Reception TV Antenna Built-in Amplifier Enhance UHF for Home/RV/Attic/Marine Up to 150 Miles with 32ft Coax Cable Free HDTV Channels

The 1byone 720°Omni-Directional Reception TV Antenna is designed to receive stable television broadcasting by filtering interferences from mobile 4G signals. It also includes a pre-amplifier to ensure that all received signals are UHF and clear.

This antenna comes with a 32ft RG6U cable and is simple to install on a wall, pole, or wherever you want. This antenna, when properly positioned, can cover up to 150 miles around the given angle.

It has improved UHF signal reception, a cool UFO design, and an upgraded intelligent IC chip built-in. And a cool design to enhance your aesthetics!

These Outdoor TV Antennas will Change Your Television Experience Forever! Find the Best Omnidirectional Outdoor TV Antenna


  1. Enhanced signal receptors: There is no need to rotate or point to pick up more signals from all directions, with the installed and enhanced UHF signal receptors.
  2. There is no signal blind zone, making it ideal for indoor, outdoor, attic, RV, and marine use. Enjoy your favorite channels without having to pay a monthly fee!
  3. Built-in Pre-Amplifier: The 4G LTE filters allow you to boost signal directly at the antenna while also removing interference and channel loss caused by 4G mobile phone signals and compensating for signal loss caused by long cable runs and splitters.
  4. The amplifier enlarges suitable multiples based on the signal range to ensure coverage extension.
  5. Easy Installation: The cool UFO design perfectly matches your different styles, from attic to wall mounting. The included 32ft RG6U coaxial cable makes it simple to place the amplified HDTV antenna in high-reception areas.
  6. There’s no need to be concerned about the weather because it’s made of moisture-proof and flame-retardant materials.
  7. Long-range: An upgraded intelligent IC chip is built-in, allowing you to watch what you want in high definition for free, pushing in more vivid colors, stunning sound, and a clearer picture.

COST: 109$ USD

WHY DO WE RECOMMEND: This omnidirectional TV Antenna allows you to receive local news for free. The design is made of high-quality materials to withstand harsh outdoor weather conditions. The antenna is ideal for solving difficult outdoor antenna placement requirements because it has a range of up to 150 miles and improves VHF signal reception.

While buying an omnidirectional outdoor TV antenna, make sure to ensure what is the network type in your area, the nearest TV tower, to pick the right model. There are different models available in the market, which can make your overall TV experience the best.

Frequently Asked Questions.

1. What is the range of omnidirectional TV antennas? 

It depends on the products you wish to have. Usually, the top outdoor TV antennas in the market have started to have an average range of around 150 miles.

2. Are omnidirectional TV antennas any good?

Yes! They are very well rounded, and the new models are designed keeping the aesthetics and user-friendly factors in mind, making it easy to install while giving a 4k HD experience on your TV.

3. Will there be extra cost to install the omnidirectional TV antenna?

Buying the setup and installation takes their costs. While buying the TV antenna costs under 100 dollars, the installation may take more than 100. But, many set up models nowadays have DIY style installation, cutting off the costs of extra labor for installation.

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