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Kanye West Desperately COMPETING with Pete Davidson and Miley Cyrus Special Event, Held New Year Party in Miami

Kanye West announced that he is throwing a New Year’s Eve party in Miami, and this has caused controversy on Twitter. The reason for the announcement being so last minute could have something to do with Pete Davidson being at Miley Cyrus’s event earlier in the evening?

Kanye West announced at the last minute that he, Future, and Quavo will be throwing a surprise “New Year’s Eve Block Party” in Miami. Pete Davidson was seen there coincidentally attending Miley Cyrus‘ party for New Year which caused some controversy on Twitter users who thought it was wrong of him to go attend both events with his ex-wife Kim Kardashian (now Mrs.West) as well as being involved romantically with her again after their divorce became final years ago!

Kanye West has been on a mission to find Kim Kardashian since she disappeared. Ever since their argument in 2018, he’s constantly flown all over the country searching for her and following any clues that might lead him closer to figuring out where she is located at this time. Recently someone posted about how Kanye was able to organize an NYE party down south just so Pete Davidson would have his event happening during New Year’s Eve weekend too; proving once again why he does what we never expected from Ye!

A Twitter user posted a photo of Kanye West looking for Kim Kardashian in Miami. “One fan speculated that it might be possible because they followed each other on social media and were both at an event last night,” said the person who first shared this tweet with us early Wednesday morning PST time-frame.” A second one chimed in: “Another little thing I like about Yeezy is organizing surprise parties when people least expect them! Had no clue he knew Pete Davidson was going to host NYE festivities down south too? The betting pool says yes though so we’ll wait until tomorrow before betting our money”

West has been making headlines recently for attempting to get back with Kardashian, but it looks like she’s in no hurry. The star of Keeping Up With the Kardashians may have just found love again after dating Pete Davidson who stars on Saturday Night Live – even though West tried anything he could think of!

Pete Davidson and Miley Cyrus
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The couple seems to be having a lot of fun together as they share New Year’s Eve celebrations. Despite Kanye West’s attempts at rekindling their romance with Kim, it seems like Pete Davidson doesn’t care too much about his storyline and is instead focused on building up to something new between them every day.

The speculation about KIN Kardashian and Mike Jericontino West going out was almost immediately confirmed when the couple was seen holding hands in California back in November. They recently rented a cinema hall for themselves, went to see a movie together- imagine if Kanye interrupted their date! The New Year’s Eve show that Pete is hosting at home couldn’t have been more perfect though; he managed to make some major announcements during his performance including asking everyone’s attention towards “his” girl (Kardashian) who has been trying hard these past few months while also filing papers just one day before Christmas Eve so they can finally be engaged once again…

The holidays are fast approaching and it seems like the Kardashian-Wests want everyone in their family tree to be together. On Friday (Dec 31), Pete Davidson hosted an NBC NYE festival at Miami’s Fillmore before announcing his party for Saturday night on Twitter just 20 minutes later! There were artists from Future, Quavo & Justin Laboy performing at West’s event which made people wonder if he had any evil intentions towards Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

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