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Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are Getting Married Secretly Insider Sources Revealed Their secret Planning

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck rekindled their relationship this year. The couple was adorably addressed as Bennifer by fans who have been waiting for years to see them get married since they broke up in 2004 after three beautiful children were born of an intense romance between these two amazing people!

Relationship Timeline

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez
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After meeting on the set of their first movie together, Lopez and Affleck were dating for a year before he proposed. They dated long enough to get engaged but not so much that they got married or had kids yet because it just didn’t feel right at this time in life- even though both wanted them desperately later down the road when things were more stable between themselves as well as him with his career obligations (which included promoting two movies simultaneously).

The couple had been going through rough times ever since. The last time they were spotted together was in 2004, when JLo called off her engagement to Ben due to his infidelity with another woman (a friend). In an interview about their breakup she described it as being “heartbroken and foolish.” He also revealed that he felt like this after the breakup even though Jennifer initiated it!

What Happened Afer Breakup

Just after five months of her breakup with Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez married singer, Marc Anthony. The couple previously dated in the late 90s and they have two kids together: fraternal twins were born 2008; In June 2014 Antony and Jlo got divorced while Afflecks’ marriage to Garner remained intact until 2018 when it also ended amicably following 10 years as husband and wife

They’re three children total including Abigail (2005), son Seraphin(2007), and daughter Ryder Rose(2009).

The Main Planning Of Marriage

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez


Looks like the couple is getting ready to tie the knot! Rumors have been circulating that JLo and Ben may be secretively setting plans in motion for their upcoming wedding. This has led many people, including myself-to keep a close eye on any possible engagement rings or signs these lovers might give off when together; such as checking out store collections of potential ring doners at times where you wouldn’t expect them.

It has been reported that the couple is also looking for houses in Los Angeles. The duo was spotted shopping together and seemed to be enjoying themselves as they took lunch at David Lopez’s dad’s restaurant just a day ago! They color-coordinated their outfits, which is not surprising given how often we see them spending quality time with each other these days- isn’t life grand?!]

Ben and Jennifer are some of the most adorable couples anyone could hope to meet. They share so much love, which is clear by how often they hug or kiss! The two have been dating since high school when their relationship became serious enough that Ben proposed marriage in a college football stadium after graduation ceremonies were over – something only expected from classically trained musicians like yourselves 😉 It seems as if everything has finally fallen into place for these newlyweds-they’re planning on having an intimate ceremony soon but don’t want anything too complicated either because this isn’t just about them anymore; it also means sharing those moments forever.”

J Lo recently posted a picture on Instagram with her coffee mug having ‘B’ written across it, which many fans took as an indication that she is enjoying life in Ben’s company. The couple has been dating since last year and people are hopeful they will tie the knot soon – maybe even this year!

It looks like 2022 could be alive again thanks to these two lovebirds who seem happier than ever before; let us wait eagerly for any updates from them about their relationship status or plans for wedding planning to start…


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