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Height of Blueface? Exclusive Details, Where is He Now? Love Life, Networth, Other Details

How tall is Blueface?

Well, I know you are super curious to know about how tall Blueface is and what is his weight why not?
But before that are you guys even aware of his tall empire, his huge net worth, and stardom?
Let’s get started with this instructive article where you will know everything from his tall height to his huge net worth.

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Who is Blueface Bleedem?

Johnathan Jamall Porter popularly known as Blue Bleedem is an American rapper who is quite renowned for his extraordinary and unique voice and offbeat style of rapping which is said to be a new breed of rap.
He got his name Blueface from his crypt street gang.
He writes his music albums to the beats and uses instrumentals as a base.

how tall is blueface

The early life of Blueface

Blueface was born on January 20, 1997, in Los Angeles.
During his teen years, he had changed different schools but in those years he joined a band where he played instruments like alto saxophone and even joined a football team while he used to live with his mother.
In his college years, he was at Fayetteville State University in 2016. Porter was very committed to playing football and had an immense fondness for the game that’s the reason his schooling and College life was revolved around football.
He also mentioned his past experiences as a football player in the video of remix to “Thoitana” a very famous number of Blueface
He had started taking interest in the field of rapping at a very young age. He listened to Snopp Dogg and The game only.

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His career and huge stardom

Johnathan started his rapping career in 2017. His debut song was “Deadlocks” which received 2 million views and had received an immense amount of popularity.
In his initial years, he started his career by posting songs on sound cloud and since then he has been working hard and has become King of his whole empire.
In these 4 years of patience and consistent determination, He is said to be the finest rapper of all time who has collaborated with No. 1 rappers like Drake, Quavo which is no less than an inspiration for the younger generation.
Well, he says that he has high aspirations and his dreams are yet to be achieved.

He released his first full-length project Famous cryp in 2018 which received lots of love from the local audience of California and following that he released his 2nd full-length “Two coccy” onto Spotify and Soundcloud.

Later in 2018 only he realized ” Respect My Crypt” on WordstarHiphop’s youtube channel and in a passage of time when it was released on Twitter it went with the speed of bullets and became a viral meme, further, he kept on producing music and started having huge popularity with his songs like Bleed it, Thoitana and it started to increase his popularity which in the other world was a making his stardom.

In 2019 January Porter’s track Thoitana was debuted in the list of Billboards hot 100 make it his first track to be on the Billboard charts.
Further, he released the remix video of ” Thoitana” which featured CARDI B coinciding with another video by Cole Bennett, and since then being on Billboard had become his favorite place to be through his popular tracks like “Daddy”, “Stop Capping”.
He had released his first Debut studio album in 2019 ” Find the beat” which received enough praise.

how tall is blueface

Personal life and relationship

Porter had been in many relationships priorly which is also one of the reasons he had been in the talk of the town.

But currently, he is single and has a child named “Javaughn Porter”

His baby mama is Jayden Alexis who is a popular entrepreneur and has an Instagram following of 150K followers.

Their son was born in 2017 but as of now, they remain unmarried.


how tall is blueface

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How tall is Blueface?

Here is the question is how tall is Blueface- Blueface is 6 ft 4 inches tall (193cm) and his weight is 82 kgs
He has got sharp features and a tempting physique which attracts his female fans a lot.
He has got dark brown curly hair and the same colored eyes which compliments his personality and along with the tattoos he has on his body increases his female attention.

Networth of Blueface

As per the current data of December, his net worth is $4 Million which increases every day due to his hard work and giant stardom.

How many tattoos does Blueface have?

Blueface has a total of 30 tattoos inked on his body and every tattoo has its meaning and history.
Some of the tattoos reveal his history as a barber, others show his religious beliefs, astrological signs, his aspirations, and among all of them there is a tattoo of Benjamin Franklin which he calls his ” signature”.

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Social Media life of Blueface

Like his huge net worth, he has a giant gang of followers on Instagram and Twitter.
He currently has 4.6 Million fans on Instagram and
141k fans on Twitter.
Through his social media handles, he engages and increases his popularity and keeps his fan following entertained through a daily dose of what he is upto and how he has been doing.
Recently he had a contest on Instagram where he polled about the school he should visit first.
Well, that’s something engaging and fruitful when you have a huge back of millions of people praising you and monitoring your daily chores.


how tall is blueface

Facts about how tall is Blueface

His famous track “Bleed it” was said to be the new breed of rap.

His schooling life revolved around football and not books

He has a huge following of 4.6 Million followers on Instagram.

His track Respect my Crypn went viral and was compared to cartoon characters like courage the cowardly dog and Bidarang which brought him a lot of popularity and increased his fan base.

FAQs about how tall is Blueface? 

Q- 1 What is the age of Blueface?
A- He is of 24 years

Q-2 What is the real name of Blueface?
A- Johnathan Jamall Porter

Q- 3 What’s the real networth of Blueface?
A- $4 Million

Q-4 Where did Blueface get his nickname?
A- He got his name from his crypt street gang.

Q- 5 How many tattoos does Blueface have?

A- He has 30 tattoos at present.

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