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The Real Reason Revealed! Why Britney Spears’ Father Wanted To End Her Conservatorship

Britney Spears has been free from the conservatorship of her father, Jamie spear for years. The singer’s fans were elated when she was finally released in November 2021 after 11 long months under his thumb following an emotional trial where Britney talked about how difficult life had become since 2008 with him controlling everything including what clothes to wear and even who could see or speak with you outside your family

The Independent reported on this milestone moment confirming: “The judge confirmed today that there is no longer a need for someone like me – I’m not just talking spiritually either but legally too.”

Jamie has consistently maintained that getting rid of the conservatorship was a mistake, and his lawyers have now petitioned to ensure Britney continues paying their legal fees going forward. Despite being removed as her guardian in 2018-19, he wants daughter Brianna footing both bills along with hers too!

Jamie has been a consistent opponent of Britney’s conservatorship, and he wants his daughter to continue footing the bills for both of him as well. He is now petitioning so that she can foot these expenses herself with no strings attached!

The finer details of the agreement are still being worked out, and he threatens “prompt payment on account of Jamie’s attorneys’ fees” if that process isn’t sped up. Filing something like this quickly will make sure everything is wrapped up in no time at all!

Jamie has once again changed his tune about the conservatorship while maintaining that he is innocent.

Darker forces at play, Jamie RevealedThe Real Reason Revealed! Why Britney Spears' Father Wanted To End Her Conservatorship

According to Insider, Jamie Spears wagered that he was the one who wanted to end conservatorship in the first place due to concerns about Britney’s estate being depleted by a self-interested entourage of handlers and counsel. Moreover, he contends she attempted to do so the very first time when expressed a desire to take control over her life career. It is worth noting this was not mentioned during the initial petitioning process which was largely reluctant

Jamie Spears is fighting for Britney again. In his latest court filing, he claims that the reason why they ended conservatorship in 2016 was because of concerns about her estate being depleted by a self-interested entourage of handlers and counsel who were just pretending to care for “welfare(t)”.

When Jamie’s petition stated that if Britney wanted to end the agreement and she felt capable of handling her life going forward, then he should have an opportunity for it. Her lawyer Mathew Rosengart described this latest filing as “an abomination.”

Britney Spears’s lawyer has described Jamie as being in denial about the abuse that took place. He also noted his unwillingness to cooperate with the court and answer any questions under oath, which could lead him toward accountability for what he did wrong

The revelation came after Britney’s father said through a representative on Twitter how his daughter “was not abused.” It seems this individual may know more than they’re letting on; lawyers say there were many times when she was forced into doing things by her abuser

“It appears Mr. Spears believes he can try to avoid responsibility,” added attorney Robert Sutor regarding one of Britneys’ exes’.

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